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Our journey into the cannabis industry started in 2012 when we purchased both Mary Janes Headquarters locations in Kelowna and West Kelowna. Making the transition from employee to entrepreneur was a huge learning curve and one hell of a ride. Our goal was to make the make shopping experience a fun, chilled; yet informative and organized experience. We quickly realized how in-depth the cannabis industry and its connoisseurs were! The science is fascinating and people are looking for very specific ways to indulge – not to mention the accessory manufacturers are getting pretty creative!

As there are many different ways of consuming cannabis and our clients want good recommendations for the best-proven quality, at different price points for every one of them. So we expanded, and expanded, and expanded. Basically, we carry a whole hell of a lot of cool stuff ☺ . Come visit us at 140 Rutland Rd South in Kelowna BC.