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At High Tea, our passion is all things cannabis. We aspire to provide a safe and uplifting experience, driving influence from cannabis culture through our dedicated curation, innovative social concepts, and adaptive customer service.

Located at 50 Kennedy Road South, Unit 8-9 in Brampton, Ontario across from the McDonald’s.

First opened in February 2021, High Tea’s mission is to influence cannabis culture by being the most reliable and trusted source of information on products in the market. Achieving this by introducing innovative social concepts to take the customer shopping experience to the next level, and by delivering world-class service tailored to the needs of the customer regardless of their cannabis background.

As a brand, High Tea also offers competitive pricing on all their products, allowing customers to enjoy affordable and reliable Cannabis. Selling a variety of products including flower, vapes, prerolls, edibles, accessories, and merch in Brampton, St. Thomas, Windsor and Scarborough. There’s always something for everyone.

In order to maintain its position within the market, High Tea is also continuously working to improve their pricing strategies, and strive to become the first Cannabis chain to offer dynamic pricing.