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  • Tuesday 09:00 - 21:00
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Our Mission
Our mission is to be a leader in the expanding cannabis sector by providing communities with not only a safe, informed, and affordable retail option, but one that combines Kootenay hospitality with a deep connection to its place in BC’s cannabis history.

Our educated staff members help us achieve this by providing our customers with valuable information about the effects and possible risks of cannabis consumption, while our competitive price points, variety, and quality selection help us protect our margins and put pressure on local legacy markets. All of this is part of our goal to enhance lives and lifestyles with cannabis, with a Kootenay flair.

We believe that giving back to our communities helps to lift the negative stigma that has historically been associated with cannabis. This is why we invest in our neighbourhoods through volunteering, supporting our leaders and staff to get involved by encouraging them to donate their time and money to local causes. We are always looking for new ways to participate in the community, feel free to reach out with any way we can help.