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Welcome to the blue skies and sunny shores of Canna Cabana. When we say we’re the real OGs, we mean it—for over 10 years, we’ve been smoking and toking and creating places for cannabis lovers of all kinds to gather, chat, and share their passion for the plant.

We began as Smoker’s Corner in Calgary, 2009. Back then, we were just a little head shop with big dreams of changing cannabis culture for the better. We knew that smokers deserved more than sketchy alleyways and dim basements. Stoner culture is vibrant, fun, and full of amazing people—and so we created a place that reflected us.

When legalization finally came, we wanted to bring that same vibe to selling cannabis (Man, sometimes we still can’t believe it’s finally legal. Someone pinch us?). Canna Cabana was created by and for people who love weed—love to smoke it, buy it, chat about it, and share it with their friends.

Want to check out a new vape, discover a new strain, get some advice from our experts, or stock up for a hazy weekend? Step on in to your local Canna Cabana–we built it for you!