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The Government of Canada legalized cannabis sales subject to strictly controlled conditions. Consequently, the Government of Ontario allowed the opening of a few retail stores under the careful supervision of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Our company Ameri is a small family-owned business that had the good fortune of being selected in the first round of successful applicants to open a retail location. Our store which opened in the Yorkville neighbourhood in April of 2019 was the second legal cannabis store in Toronto and has been thriving ever since.

We have met the challenges of operating in one of the most highly regulated industries in the province. This is in part because all of our staff have a real passion for cannabis. Our Yorkville store manager Orenda, who holds a government-approved manager’s license, was recruited from the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (Toronto) where she was one of the first and top graduates of a new program specializing in all matters relating to the medical and recreational cannabis industry. In addition, she has years of experience in the industry including at a licensed medical grow facility. Most of our staff also have similar experience, including also being students/graduates of the same cannabis program at the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences.

We have maintained an excellent track record and relationships with the regulator (AGCO) as well as with the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (Ontario Cannabis Store), the Crown corporation mandated to serve as the only wholesale distributor to privately operated, legal stores such as ours. These relationships, as well as our good practices and integrity, have built a strong foundation for our brand’s reputation. Among other things, we made the short list for “Top Retail Store” at the Lift & Co Canadian Cannabis Awards for 2019.

Our friendly staff are not only cannabis users themselves, but have special expertise in advising other consumers about various products. We are passionate about recommending only affordable, competitively-priced, quality cannabis we ourselves have tested. Each week our team curates store orders based on our in-house product sampling, customer feedback and week-to-week product availability. We will not order, stock or sell inventory from companies whose products have, in our opinion, not met the highest standards of quality control or price range.

When shopping at Ameri, you can always shop with confidence knowing that our small business is never influenced or induced by any other cannabis companies, brands, or producers.