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Spiritleaf Cannabis Dispensary in Cabbagetown, Toronto

Our authenticity extends from the motivation of the people who have come before us! In central Toronto, in the community of Cabbagetown, you’ll find a Spiritleaf Cannabis Dispensary. Our community has over 4 thousand residents has an eclectic mix of artists and professionals. Much of the architecture is from the Victorian era, built between 1860 and 1895, and features many beautifully preserved buildings and homes. This tourist destination offers everything from historic walking tours, a well-established shopping district and an array of restaurants. The neighbourhood also hosts the annual Cabbagetown Fall Festival, with food and fun for all. It is a district with a suburban “village” feel! 

Spiritleaf aims to be the most knowledgeable and trusted source of recreational cannabis. We believe in connecting people in a world that is deeply divided. We believe that everyone matters equally, regardless of status, age, ethnicity or creed. We aim to foster a true community spirit through what we stand for, who we serve and the products we provide.

Please enjoy responsibly.