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Toronto’s Weed & Pot Dispensary | Wonderland Cannabis reviews

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Wonderland isn’t a place – but a state of mind. It is that feeling you get when your imagination journeys across curiosity and wonder. A moment of self-control and clarity, one toke at a time. It is a deeper connection and understanding to the space around you. The key is your lens; Unlock the door to an elevated state of being.

Unlock the door to Wonderland…

We are a novelty cannabis brand that evokes your creativity by encouraging you to close the door to outside noise and enter a parallel reality. As you open the door to your awareness you begin to feel inspired by your surroundings. Surreal turns into reality, as you awaken your senses and embark on a mystical journey.

We aim to redefine the cannabis experience – it can evoke expression, curiosity, and wonder. The key is your lens; Inspiration is in the eyes of the beholder. Come visit us at 1578 Queen St East in The Beaches in Toronto.