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Our story starts with our first company, Savour the Vapour. We began our entrepreneurship with vaporizer stores in 2015, building our first location in Stratford, Ontario. Our first Savour the Vapour store began at a time where vaporizer stores were few and far between; as the first store in the Stratford area, we took pride in educating our customers and accompanying them in their journey to quitting smoking. Our clientele rely on us for our knowledge, support, and advice to this day, and now in three Savour the Vapour locations. We have built our success off of our concrete beliefs that in order to be the best, you must provide your customers with the best experience possible. In doing this, we have created lifelong friendships and trust in our communities. The success of Savour the Vapour has allowed us to continue our locations in to Kitchener and Waterloo to continue our business practices and support our community which we were born and raised in.

We have had the great honour of being able to build a thriving business right here in our hometown and provide meaningful and fulfilling jobs to people in our community.


We entered into the cannabis side of business in 2019, when our 420 accessories store Dab Glass was born! As customers ourselves who needed a place to purchase our own cannabis accessories, we felt that we hadn’t found a place to shop that reflected our own values as business people. Dab Glass was born out of the need to provide our customers with a professional, fun place to purchase cannabis accessories and gifts. 

With four retail stores under our belt, we are confident that we have created a concrete 5 star reputation with our customer base, and we intend to do so with Session 7.


To our vetted customers.. we can’t wait to see you!

To our new customers.. we can’t wait to meet you!