3X Crazy

Let’s go crazy for 3X Crazy. In some places, this strain goes by Optimus Prime, which actually sounds cooler. Anyway, this strain combines Bubba Kush, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purple. Expect a grapey, peppery taste to it. Great for various ailments too.
3x Crazy is a balanced strain of cannabis that provides a mix of cerebral effects and relaxation throughout the body. The THC content in this strain hovers between 15% and 23%. The name of this strain is sure to catch the attention of many people right upon hearing it. But if it doesn’t, then taking a quick look at it surely will. The buds on 3x Crazy weed are very solid and almost spherical formation. The density of the buds is pretty common in this strain in comparison to other indicas. The leaves are kind of coiled and are a mossy green color. Taking a closer look at it, you’ll notice tiny orange pistils poking out. Sometimes other phenotypes of the 3x Crazy strain will have different colors of purple and blue. The flowers on 3x Crazy OG are very big, and it’s recommended to use a grinder when busting up the weed to reduce your hands from getting all sticky from the trichomes.

Therapeutic Benefits of 3x crazy

3x Crazy is one of those strains that have a creeper kind of high. That basically just means that it will take a couple of minutes to finally creep up on you with its effects. Many users will initially experience a kind of subtle pressure in the forehead and temple areas. Shortly after this, thoughts will begin to flow through the mind a lot quicker and with relative ease. These increased thought patterns can be used to your advantage if you begin doing tasks that are highly analytical or creative. After around an hour, users will feel the sedative characteristics of the high and will begin to sink into a blissful feeling of relaxation. Users will begin to feel completely content, and soothing tingles will flow from the neck and down the spine. Couch lock begins to take hold, and users won’t want to do much else aside from socializing and laughing for the remainder of the high. 3x Crazy is recommended to consume in the late afternoon to early evening hours.
There are a variety of medicinal benefits that 3x Crazy has. Those dealing with attention deficit disorders can benefit from the initial cerebral effects of the high. The numbing effects of the indica in 3x Crazy can help those who deal with chronic pain in their bodies. Depression can be relieved because of how 3x Crazy can uplift the mood. Stress can also be relieved from the relaxation it creates in users. Patients that are prone to paranoia or panic can use this strain without fear because 3x Crazy doesn’t typically lead to those feelings, even despite its name.
Hopefully, this 3x Crazy Strain review will have you more informed on the many characteristics of this unique and interesting hybrid.

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