5th Element

This is not out of your element. From Elemental Seeds, this strain combines Blackberry and All Spark. The result is a lemony, earthy strain that has some balanced high.
5th Element marijuana is an Indica leaning hybrid strain that gives a pleasantly sedative high. This strain is brought to us by the same breeders who created Mango Tango. Its genetics ensure that the 5th Element strain has an easy, smooth smoke that is packed with flavour. This strain is what you need to relax and chill out. Its THC content is between 15% and 22%.
Let’s get into some of the strain information on the 5th element. The plant has flowers that are usually medium-sized and stick together in a chunky formation that tapers towards the end. The buds themselves have the typical Indica structure, with a dense core and classic curly leaves. The leaves have a soft green colour, and they twist through with a low volume of curly pistils. The plant also has a sprinkling of translucent white trichomes covering the surfaces of the buds. The 5th Element weed strain has a strong dank smell with some tones of forest pine and cedar. When the seeds are ground, they release a strong hash scent. When you set it alight, the marijuana strain 5th element gives off thick smoke that tastes earthy with some pine notes hitting you on the exhale.

Strain information on 5th element

This strain’s high sets in quite quickly after a few puffs. In just a few minutes, the smoke will send waves of relaxation rippling through your body, together with a rush of blood going straight to the head. You may also notice some odd physical sensations such as pressure around your temples and forehead and perhaps an increase in salivation. Once you get used to these sensations, you can focus on the strain’s ability to warp your senses fully.
It will enhance your perception of some visual and auditory stimuli while distorting others. Some smokers say they experience time dilation on this high. It is the perfect strain for listening to a mellow playlist or a movie with great visuals. Although it does have trippy effects, 5th Element weed does not do anything else in terms of mental stimulation. For your body, it is great at loosening up any muscle tension and can push. As the high progresses or if you up your dosage, you may experience couchlock. This smoke can make you quite sleepy; as such 5th Element weed is ideal for smoking in the evening or nighttime.
5th Element marijuana strain can have several uses for medical cannabis patients. Its ability to bring on therapeutic relaxation is helpful in temporarily relieving the symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This plant is also helpful for treating bodily pain and discomfort from conditions such as lupus or arthritis. The 5th element strain has incredible anti-inflammatory properties that can help in treating migraines and headaches.

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