Buckeye Purple

An eye for a buckeye. This indica-dominant strain combines Granddaddy Purple and Gorilla grape to make a colorful strain that smells nice and is easy to grow. At 7-8 weeks of flowering time, anyone can make Buckeye Purple theirs.

Buckeye Purple has a fairly high THC content that hovers at around 20%. Users will be able to find weaker batches that aren’t as potent, and that makes it a strain that even novice users can consume safely. The nugs are an olive green color, and they contain a thick covering of amber-colored pistols. Users will notice a layer of chunky trichomes on the surface of the bud. The Buckeye Purple strain will taste a bit like grapes that has undertones of spicy berries. Once you exhale the smoke, you’ll taste the earth, diesel, and flowers.

General Uses of Buckeye Purple

Buckeye strain is perfect for those that just feel like completely zoning out after the day. Sometimes cannabis strains aren’t reliable at achieving the full zoning out effect, but Buckeye is consistent. Users who consume this strain will feel sedated soon after smoking it and will want to just remain couch-locked for a few hours. If you manage to stay awake long enough, you’ll develop a case of the munchies and will start seeking out snacks. Most of the time, users will just doze off after consuming it.

Medical Uses of Buckeye Purple

Purple Buckeye is a useful strain for a number of conditions, but a lot of the time, users will mostly be asleep to even know that they have any conditions at all. Insomnia stands no chance after consuming this strain. Users will drift off into dreamland and will have a noticeable reduction in pain throughout their bodies. Anxiety and nausea will also be calmed after smoking some Purple Buckeye weed. If you deal with inflammation that is caused by arthritis, then this weed is good to have on you at all times.

Growing Buckeye Purple

The specifics on Buckeye Purple seeds aren’t completely known because the producer keeps a very low profile. The only thing that is known is the time that the strain takes until it reaches maturity. One thing to note about this cannabis strain is that it can create some pretty serious fumes. If you want to be discreet about your weed, you’ll need a decent smell proof system.

It can be difficult finding Buckeye Purple at dispensaries. This is the type of strain that you’ll have to write down on a notepad somewhere and hope to be able to try it one day. If you do get lucky enough to get your hands on some, then you’ll definitely want to clear off your calendar for the rest of the day, because you won’t want to do anything else after you start taking a few tokes. It amazes a lot of users that Buckeye Purple isn’t a fully 100% indica strain because of how sedated and couch-locked it can make people feel. Give her a try, but be prepared for the slumber.

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