Casper OG

This ghost is indeed friendly. Casper OG takes Ghost OG and Face Off OG to create an indica-dominant strain you won’t forget. Great for unwinding after a long day and for outdoor growing.
The origination story and the breeders behind the Casper OG strain are unknown. For this reason, it might be difficult to get the exact details of how it was produced, but this Casper OG strain review will guide you in the right direction. Many users like Casper OG because of its wide range of uses in the recreational and medicinal field. The Casper OG strain THC content averages at around 18%, but what is unique about this strain is that it also has a CBD content of 1%. The nugs on Casper OG are very lumpy and have a mint green color. Upon closer look, you’ll notice a bunch of orange pistils popping out of it. Holding a light up to the buds will make the coating of trichomes shimmer. The taste of Casper OG can sometimes be on the pungent side because of the combination of skunk, pine, citrus, and diesel, but it’s not all that bad.

Effects Of Casper OG Cannabis

Even though the THC levels of the Casper OG strain hovers around a mellow 18%, it still provides a variety of different effects that users will enjoy both recreationally and medicinally. Users will initially notice a mild surge of energy that will help them finish any tasks that they have on their list of things to get done that they’ve been putting off. It’s recommended to scratch those things off of the to-do list right when that energy creeps up because the relaxation will soon start to kick in in no time. One of the most well-known things about this strain is that it can create a happy state of mind for users. Users will also feel the giggles throughout the high, and after the high starts to wear down, a haziness will start to happen that will help users drift off for the night.
Because of Casper OG’s tendency to cause relaxation, those dealing with insomnia can greatly benefit from this strain. Anxiety is another frustrating thing that can be relieved by consuming Casper OG. Those that have had a stressful week at work will find that they will be relaxed after a couple of tokes. Because of the CBD content in Casper OG, those that have pain throughout their bodies can find some relief with it. A lower appetite and symptoms of nausea can be alleviated as well.

Cultivating Casper OG

Growing Casper OG is recommended to be done indoors. It prefers a Mediterranean type of climate and a lot of light exposure. Even though the plants do seem to get more on the bushy side, they are still fairly small. This makes it an ideal strain to grow if you don’t have a lot of space. Casper OG is typically reader for harvest in around nine to ten weeks, and growers can expect a moderate yield.

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