Electric Lemon G

Electric Lemon G is an amped-up sativa combo of Northern Lights #5, G13, and a mysterious lemon-flavored hybrid that gives the strain its high-wattage lemon aroma. Zesty and buzzy, Electric Lemon G is a mood-boosting and spirit-lifting while providing relaxation and high-volt focus.
Take a quick read of this Electric Lemon g strain review for the most detailed information on this eclectic strain. The Electric Lemon strain is one that will help many users through any type of task that requires an extra surge of electricity. Its growers are based out of Amsterdam, and this delicious strain will have sativa lovers flocking to it for its ability to create a high that doesn’t have much of a comedown.
The Electric Lemon strain THC content stabilizes at around 21%, so it doesn’t take many tokes to really feel its electric effects. In addition to the lemon flavor of this strain, users will also taste grass and earthy elements in it. The nugs in Electric Lemon G strain are relatively dense, but other than that, they appear to be normal in appearance. Users will notice a nice dusting of crystal trichomes covering the bud, and this gives hints as to how potent and enjoyable the strain will be before consuming it. Some might ask, “what about the Electric Lemon strain CBD%? Those that are looking for a strain that is high in CBD won’t really benefit from Electric Lemon.

General Effects of Electric Lemon

Electric Lemon is a useful strain to consume if you have an extensive list of things that need to get done during the day. Some people will take a look at their chore list and start to experience stress. After taking a few tokes of Electric Lemon, that chore list will begin to appear much less intimidating. Those that deal with ongoing mood disorders such as depression will love the uplifting effects that Electric Lemon can create. Medicinal users will also enjoy its ability to ease the feelings of anxiety and create an overall boost in the mental state.
Sometimes users will experience a rough day where they have trouble seeing the positives in life. Electric Lemon G is widely chosen for helping those see the positivity in life again. In addition, this strain is excellent for helping bring pain relief, lowering inflammation throughout the body, and reducing fatigue. Electric Lemon is a widely chosen strain throughout the medical cannabis industry.

Cultivating Electric Lemon G

Electric Lemon is only available as a clone. It does well when it is grown both indoors and outdoors. The strain has a fairly short flowering time of around 7 to 9 weeks, and it produces a moderately sized yield. When the buds start to grow bigger, they tend to get heavy. It’s recommended to provide support to the branches so that they don’t break. Novice growers might have a difficult time growing this strain without the help of someone more experienced. But if you are able to grow Electric Lemon, you won’t be disappointed by its energy and zest that it can give you through the day. It’s a strain that should be consumed during the day because it can make you stay up for quite a while.

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