Grandpa’s Breath

You’ll hope Grandpa never brushes his teeth. This indica-dominant strain combines Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. The result is a strain that is quite pungent but also has some fruit to it. The flowering cycle takes a while but it has a nice yield and relaxes you quite nicely.
The Grandpas Breath strain of marijuana contains a THC content of between 15% to 20%. The flowers on this strain are relatively large in comparison to a lot of strains, and the formation is chunky and tapered. The leaves are tightly coiled, as is seen in many varieties of indica plants, and they are a mossy green color that contains tones of purple and indigo. If you take a more in-depth look at the bud, you’ll notice there will be tiny red pistils that are curly. Coating the bud is also a shimmering blanket of trichomes. If you smell the Grandpa’s Breath strain up close, it will remind you of moist soil, leaves, and you might smell hints of diesel. As you start grinding the herb, you’ll notice more of an incense type of aroma. Grandpa’s Breath is a very smooth strain to consume, even in a pipe or joint. On the exhale, users will taste a little skunk and a couple of sweeter traces.

Therapeutic Benefits For Medicinal Users

Grandpas Breath might take a couple of minutes to kick in. Once the effects do start to kick in, there’s no going back. Users will initially feel a slightly tight sensation that will circle their forehead. They might also experience some flushing in the cheeks and temple areas. Once the users become accustomed to these feelings, they will start to notice that their thoughts are also becoming a little more positive. Ideas will begin popping into the head that might cause the user to think that everything is connected to certain types of circumstances or happenings. Having this type of mindset can help the user get a bunch of things done that they might have on their chore list. It can also just help users go about their otherwise dull day. For those that are attending social gatherings, Grandpas breath strain THC can spark a conversation that will like it will flow a lot more seamlessly.
After around an hour following the initial consumption of Grandpa’s Breath, users will start to experience more physical effects throughout the body. Eyelids and limbs will start to feel heavier than they used to, and this might surprise users, especially after they just felt the previous energetic mind high. For those that consume more weed, couch lock will most likely occur and have users not wanting to do much else aside from watching TV.
For users that deal with attention deficit disorders, Grandpa’s Breath can help them concentrate a little more on things. The boost in mood can also help people dealing with depression. Grandpa’s Breath can alleviate some aches and pains that people might experience throughout the body. If you consume this strain in a very relaxing setting, insomniacs might be able to doze off better.

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