Guido Kush

This indica strain has a nice, sweet aroma and is good for depression, anxiety, and various other ailments you may have. It’s a strain that’s good for unwinding or for when you’re having the blues. Not much is known about its origins, but we are glad it exists.

If you’re looking for something to help you sleep at night, look no further. Guido Kush strain is exactly what you need. Not only does it simply make you tired, but it also gets rid of all the stressors and triggers that make it difficult for people to sleep in the first place. For example, if you’re constantly stressed about work, and that’s all you can think of at night, you’re not going to be able to sleep! By reducing the severity and significance of these stressors, you calm your mind and actually sleep really well. By getting a good night’s sleep every time you smoke this, you’re actually programming your brain and its sleep patterns. This means it’s more than a temporary solution. In the long term, you may actually sleep better as the Guido Kush strain helps you break whatever negative patterns you were holding onto.

As we mentioned, the Guido Kush strain is actually very good for reducing stress. Stress and anxiety can be caused by anything, and often people have a very hard time figuring out how to get rid of said stress. Fortunately, Guido Kush is an easy and extremely effective way to combat stress. By increasing dopamine and serotonin production in your brain, you’re effectively combating the actual chemical processes that make you feel stressed. The same goes for depression! Depression is typically caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. To be more specific, serotonin and dopamine imbalances. For the people that aren’t all that familiar with what serotonin and dopamine actually are, they’re essentially the feel-good chemicals that are naturally produced in your brain. As we mentioned, Guido Kush balances these imbalances by producing more!

The Guido Kush strain is also really great for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can cause excessive nausea and vomiting, and Guido Kush is a great way to counter that! A lot of people use this for all sorts of things that cause nausea. Motion sickness? Yup! Seasickness! You bet! It really doesn’t matter what’s causing your nausea, all that matters is that this strain will get rid of it. One thing that you definitely need to keep in mind is that crossfading with this particular strain may be a bad idea. Getting drunk isn’t all that big of a deal because you can throw up if you drink too much. Since this strain won’t let you throw up, chances are you’ll get very sick from alcohol poisoning. To clarify for those that aren’t familiar with what crossfading is, it’s essentially the act of getting both drunk and high at the same time.

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