Pakistani Chitral Kush

The queen of concentrates, Pakistani Chitral Kush is known for its significant resin production, making it the perfect strain for high quality concentrates. The bud, named for the town of Chitral in Pakistan, is known for making supreme hash strains. Pakistani is a selected landrace indica, an indigenous strain that has been inbred to enhance it’s relaxing body effects to help with anxiety and stress. The bud itself is gorgeous, with a purple hue that has some calling it Purple Pakistani or Purple Chitral. With a soft caramel and berry aroma, this strain will relax your body and give you a cerebral buzz that lasts for hours.

This particular strain is perfect for use right before bed. Pakistani Chitral Kush has a reputation for putting users to sleep, but before it does, you’ll be super chilled out and incredibly calm. A lot of people use this strain after a long day in order to get a great night’s sleep. You should expect to feel very couch-locked when using this particular strain. Some even say they feel couch-locked, so if you’re prone to the munchies make sure you keep your snacks and drinks with you! You probably won’t have the freedom or motivation to go and raid the couch during the high!

A lot of people claim the weed smells a lot like Earth and flowers, which is undoubtedly a great combination. Underneath the outdoorsy smells are the usual weed scents. You may smell some skunk or even some diesel. As for the taste, a lot of people swear that the strain tastes like cotton candy in their reviews. A lot of people also say that it tastes like flowers, but really sweet flowers. As flowers don’t actually taste all that great, we’re going to assume that they mean they taste how they smell.

Pakistani Chitral Kush is well known for its ability to calm people down after a very stressful day. A lot of people tend to come home and not just relax because they’re super stressed out, but that’s where this strain comes in. When you’re high on it you can expect to be anxiety-free, stress-free, and even depression-free. This is ultimately due to the serotonin and dopamine production in your brain. These are natural processes that are simply enhanced by the weed in the same way that working out enhances them (temporarily of course). Keep in mind that this strain is great for people who suffer from insomnia, as it’ll make you so tired you won’t be able to stay awake. Because the Pakistani Chitral Kush seeds are so easy to use, a lot of people find it calming to plant these seeds themselves.

This strain has also been great for physical ailment relief according to many reviews. Many users have benefited from the inflammation reduction that this strain is also known for. As headaches, body aches, and movement restrictions are usually due to inflammation, it’s fair to say that these benefits are prominent.

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