Purple Martian Kush

Purple Martian Kush is the kind of strain that packs a seriously cerebral punch. The bud produces a startling cerebral high initially and then overtakes the body with deep relaxation. The cross between Purple Kush, Blackberry Kush, and Martian Mean Green is fluffy and fruity, perfect for when your muscles are aching. The Purple Martian strain of cannabis is strong in indica attributes and its aroma will remind you of fruity berries that are leaking with flavour. Its smell isn’t too strong that your entire street will be stuck smelling of cannabis for weeks on end, but you will want to keep this cannabis sealed away because of its odour in the house. The hybrid split of 70% indica and 30% sativa gives it a THC content between 15% and 21%. The trichomes on this weed are frosty and shiny and sit on a bed of orange strands of hair. Purple Martian had a breeder that is surrounded in as much mystery as to how it received its name. One can only assume it is named that way because the bud is of a purple hue, but harvesters have produced this strain in different colours than purple. If you use a grinder to bust this weed up, you are sure to have a handful of sticky fingers afterward due to the resin.

Effects Of The Purple Martian Strain

Because of the three different strains that are combined to make up Purple Martian, its effects reflect each strain. Shortly after smoking, the user will experience a little surge of energy from the sativa strain in the weed. It will start in your head and begin to creep its way down the back of the neck and slowly make its way to the remainder of your body. It will leave you feeling slightly on the euphoric side with a measure of creativity that will prevent you from initially wanting to sit down. Once those initial effects start to dissipate, the more dominant indica side of the weed will begin to flare up and then you will want to dive into chill mode. It is said to be a strongly relaxing high all over your body and can even increase arousal in people. Users will find themselves giggling at nearly nothing, and the high will keep a smile on your face for the whole duration. The ideal time to light up this bud is preferably before bed because of the heavy dose of relaxation it offers.

Medical Uses Of Purple Martian

The Purple Martian strain creates a sense of relaxation in cramped muscles all over your body. It would be great for construction workers who worked outside all day and want to come home and just relax. Many users like this strain for overall recreational use, but patients can also benefit from it medically. People that struggle with depression will enjoy the mood uplifting effects it provides. It is said to calm the mind, especially of those pesky, negative thoughts. Patients with chronic pain issues such as fibromyalgia or other body aches will enjoy the pain-relieving effects it provides. It is said to lower stress levels and even help out people with nausea. Because of the relaxing body high that Purple Martian gives, it will be a useful sleep aid for those that struggle with insomnia.

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