Shiatsu Kush

Keep on reading for the most detailed Shiatsu Kush review. Shiatsu Kush is an equally balanced hybrid variety (50 percent indica/50 percent sativa) bred as an heirloom strain from Amami Oshima, Japan. This weed was developed specifically for the purpose of stimulating the body’s shiatsu curing areas, thereby reducing whatever bodily and mental distress the cannabinoid patients experienced. Besides its esteemed soothing powers, owing to its admired effects and flavourful flavor, Shiatsu Kush has been added to the 2012 High Times ‘ Best Strains list. The Shiatsu Kush high is very calming and mellow in nature, with an uplifted feeling followed by a total relaxation of the body.

The Shiatsu Kush strain produces a surprisingly inspiring euphoria and strikes you just a few minutes after consuming, which leaves you feeling mildly excited in the back of the head and neck with a tingly humming sensation. This humming effect will travel slowly across your mind and the rest of your body, wiping away all the discomfort you might have felt physically as well as mentally. Shiatsu Kush THC% level has never been calculated, but it is a great strain for a variety of medicinal uses.

The buds on Shiatsu Kush smell a lot like lemon herbal tea. Upon examining it more closely, users will notice they also smell like spices. When it is smoked, users will notice the fruit and citrus taste with accents of lemon and tropical earth. The structure of Shiatsu Kush is quite lumpy and almost grape-looking in shape. The color of the buds is a dark earthy green shade with lighter patches of minty green. Orange pistils also pop out of the buds, and a thick coating of trichomes covers them.

Overall Effects of Shiatsu Kush

A Shiatsu Kush strain review can’t be complete without going over every last bit of information, and that includes medicinal effects. Shiatsu Kush is ideal for treating inflammation and chronic pain throughout the body. Mood swings will also dissipate shortly after consuming this strain. Those that deal with ongoing migraines and headaches will significantly benefit from how Shiatsu Kush can lower the pain.

Growing Shiatsu Kush

Regarding the Shiatsu Kush grow report, it will flower around mid-October if it has been growing for 8 or 9 weeks. Shiatsu Kush seeds will grow to a tall height, and it prefers a dry and sunny type of climate. Shiatsu Kush will be easy to cultivate. It is a resistant strain that isn’t too affected by mold or mildew. If you grow the strain indoors, then you can expect around 11oz/m2, and if you grow it outdoors, you can expect around 13oz/plant. Being a hybrid strain, users will love the many different effects they will experience.

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