Spiked Punch

This is a spiked punch no one will mind. From Skunk House Genetics, this strain combines Larry OG F8 and Purple Punch to make a strain that has a grapey flavour and dark purple, trichome-coated buds.
The Spiked Punch strain of cannabis is recommended to use at night because of how it provides a full-body high that makes your limbs feel calm and relaxed. With it being a hybrid, you can still use it during the day if you don’t have too many activities going on. It also uplifts the mood and will create increased feelings of creativity. Because of that, this strain is good to consume before diving into some analytical work that requires your mind to be especially sharp. With this strain being a hybrid, the user will also feel more energized. This unique combination makes Spiked Punch a versatile strain that can be used for a number of different occasions. You can even use it if you’re ever just craving to taste the fresh smoothness of grapes.

Medical Uses Of Spiked Punch

Spiked Punch strain kush can be beneficial for medicinal users. For those that are dealing with a lot of stress, users will feel relief soon after taking a few tokes. If you deal with any pain throughout the body as a result of certain medical conditions, Spiked Punch is great for lessening the severity of it. Because Spiked Punch is a hybrid strain, it is useful for treating insomnia and helping the user drift off into a calm sleep. It is useful for those who have depression as well because it will create an uplifted feeling that can help with the overall mood. As with many strains of cannabis, Spiked Punch strain khush kush can cause a dry mouth. If this occurs, it’s recommended to stay hydrated by drinking fluids.

Growing Spiked Punch

If you’re looking to grow Spiked Punch, the flowering time is typically around 55-65 days. You can grow it indoors or outdoors, but one added bonus to indoor growing is that you can control the elements better. If you happen to be in a location that has a wildly changing climate that is all over the thermometer with hot and cool temperatures every other day, heavy rainfall, and frost, then maybe you should consider taking this one indoors. The THC content in this strain is around 22-24%, which makes it one of the more potent strains on the cannabis market.
Overall, Spiked Punch is a good hybrid strain that will benefit the user in many ways. You get the best of the indica characteristics and the sativa characteristics, all combined into one. It has received many good reviews from all sorts of different people using it for many different purposes. The next time you give Spiked Punch a try, hopefully, it will be the cannabis form of it as opposed to the drink form.

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