Tahoe Hydro OG

This strain is a hydro cannon of potency. An indica strain, it combines OG #18 and Tahoe OG to make a strain that won the Best Indica category in the 2016 Jack Herer Cup. It has a lemony, fully smell to it and an earthy exhale.

Do you love the taste of lemon? Do you enjoy the smell of pine needles and Earth while on a walk through the woods? Or maybe you just want to get super high and don’t really care about the taste or smell? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll probably enjoy Tahoe Hydro OG. Not only does it taste like lemon, but it also smells like it too. Not many strains can pull that off well. Sure, some other strains smell like citrus, but this one smells distinctly like lemon. As for the smell of pine needles and Earth, you’ll definitely begin to agree that that is exactly what it smells like in the middle of your smoke session. Typically the lemon overpowers it at the beginning, but that’s okay because the pine comes sneaking through later on. Generally, the Earthy undertones are found in the aftertaste as well as the smell that pushes its way through your clothing for a few hours afterward.

Smoking Tahoe Hydro OG is going to make you really high. And no, I don’t mean you’ll feel a little giggly and euphoric, you’re going to be couch-locked. You’ll stare at a wall for three hours straight and just chill out. Your body is going to feel warm and heavy. You’ll be as calm and soothed as when you’re fully asleep. But that’s not all. If you smoke smaller amounts, you’ll notice that your imagination goes haywire. The limits of your creativity will be pushed so far you’ll be coming up with all sorts of ideas. This is great for people who write creative pieces, as well as for people who paint and draw. Tahoe Hydro OG will wake up your creativity, and jumpstart your imagination. Get to it!

Fortunately, this strain is more than just the stereotypical marijuana strain. Tahoe Hydro OG is great for alleviating a lot of medical ailments. The first being stress! Leave your stressors behind with Tahoe Hydro OG. You could be in the middle of a forest fire and you wouldn’t be stressed out in the slightest. Had a hard day at work? Maybe you screwed up a work task? Doesn’t matter. By the time you’re high on this stuff, none of it will matter. You’re going to feel free and completely calm. Your mind will be able to understand that those stressors are temporary, and in the grand scheme of things, they don’t really matter. Tahoe Hydro OG is also really great for alleviating depression, OCD, and more. Some even say it’s pretty good for alleviating chronic pain. For more information please feel free to read some of our other articles, or visit your local pet shop.

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