Tickle Kush

Imagine a cannabis toy named Tickle Me Kush. Okay, let’s continue. This strain is a hybrid that is the child of LA Kush and Chemdawg. It’s a powerful strain, having up to 27 percent THC. It even won Earth’s Strongest Strain back in 2014. It’s a short plant with good yields and great for indoor growers. If you have yet to hear of this strain despite it’s rising popularity, this is to be expected given that Tickle Kush is a fairly new strain that has emerged onto the scene courtesy of its breeders Greenwerkz based out of Colorado.

The overall flavour profile of it is said to be quite a fruity flavour and aroma, reminiscent of berries and apples among other fruits, while still containing a hint of a more earthy and natural tone similar to that of a floral garden scent. As for the appearance of the strain, it’s buds are generally small in size, yet at the same time can also be described as a fluffy and almost popcorn-like. In terms of the colouration, the buds are mainly a lighter shade of green, with hints of amber and purple mixed in as well.

Despite the playful name the strain has been given, do not be fooled, as with the strong nature of this particular strain you can expect a high that is similar to that of an Indica strain with a great degree of potency to go along with it. The high while quite intense also lasts quite a while for most people with an expected range of approximately two to three hours or more depending on your tolerance levels and the amount being consumed When consuming it, there are a wide variety of feelings and sensations that may be experienced based on the duration, tolerance levels, and the amount of bud a given individual has decided to use.

In general, the most common sensations the user is likely to experience is an upbeat and energetic mood. In addition, the strain is also known to induce feelings of creativity and boost social behaviour. As such, this strain may be a popular choice for those who intend to engage in any artistic pursuits or are looking for a way to aid themselves in being more talkative while speaking to others.

However, it is not just useful for upping a person’s general mood and creativity, it can also be used to help individuals that are dealing with certain medical issues or regular everyday discomforts you may be experiencing. For example, this strain has been found to reduce the amount of muscle tension and soreness that can arise for various reasons whether medical or otherwise. Say for instance you regularly partake in physically demanding tasks such as manual labour, contact sports or even recreational or completive weight training, it can minimize the feeling of strain on your muscles during these physically demanding activities and allow you to go through the day with less pain.

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