Very Berry Haze

Very Berry Haze is a fruity phenotype with fantastic genetics. This pure sativa strain by Apothecary Genetics combines Strawberry Cough x Super Silver Haze into a deliciously dank delight. Very Berry Haze hits you with a hazy cerebral rush that is hard to describe. The plants and buds re super fruity in smell and aftertaste, which lingers on the tongue and lips. Very Berry Haze is the best frown indoors or in warm, consistent outdoor climates.
The Very Berry strain is one that every sativa lover will enjoy because of its desirable characteristics that sativas are well-known for. Apocethary Genetics is responsible for this strain, and it will surely be your new favorite strain of sativa once you give it a try. Berry Haze has a THC content that ranges anywhere from 12% to 18%. Because of this range, beginner cannabis users can enjoy it if they’re able to find a batch on the lower end of the scale, while veteran users can enjoy it just the same. CBD and CBN levels hover right at around 1%. After giving Very Berry Haze smell and taste, it’s no surprise why it was named that. The strong berry scent will have users wanting to give this strain a try for dessert.
The nugs on the Verry Berry Haze cannabis strain are dense and tightly packed. It contains an olive green color, and upon closer inspection, you’ll notice orange pistil hairs popping out of it. You’ll also find a shimmering blanket of trichomes that are very catching to the eye.

Growing Very Berry Haze

Very Berry Haze is recommended to grow indoors. Even though it can still grow effectively in warmer climates, indoors will work the best. It typically takes around 9 or 10 weeks to produce a decently large yield. It grows fast and tall and is a great starter strain for those who are new to cannabis cultivation.

General Effects Of Very Berry Haze

Very Berry Haze produces a high that will start off in the head shortly after the first toke. You’ll feel a buzzing and warmth overtake you that will gradually cause increased concentration, the sharpness of the mind, and increased energy levels. You’ll feel a lot more talkative to people around you, and you’ll have an overall exciting feeling. Even despite all of this, you’ll still feel grounded and in control. With Very Berry Haze being a sativa, you will experience the same type of heady high that will keep you wide awake. The aftermath of the high is pretty chill due to the CBD and CBN content in this strain.
For those that use marijuana medicinally, Very Berry Haze can assist with several different issues. Those dealing with depression will benefit from the uplifting effects of this strain. Berry Haze can help those dealing with a lack of motivation and increased stress levels. Because sativas are sometimes known to aggravate people that have anxiety, this strain might not be the best one in consuming if you’re one of those types. For those who have issues with pain and inflammation, the CBD content can help relieve it mildly.

Velvet Bud

Enjoy a silky, smooth, velvety smoke with the Velvet Bud strain. This decadent blend brings together the flavours of the Dutch Treat x Blueberry strains. The long-lasting buzz is energetic at the start and more relaxed and pain free as time goes by.

Stella Blue

Smooth and premium like a Stella Artois, Stella Blue is a AAA strain originating in Humboldt County California. Stella Blue is thought to be a cross between Blueberry x an Unknown sativa strain. The buzz begins with uplifting cerebral energy and happy, talkative sensations. The energy of Stella Blue melts away into a calming body buzz that still allows from some productivity. This smooth strain tastes of sweet berry and has notes of citrus in the aftertaste.

Santa Sativa

With a plethora of healing effects, Santa Sativa will answer your prayers. Santa Sativa is a sativa-dominant strain created by crossing Haze #1 x (Skunk x Northern Lights). Enjoy light euphoria and a mellow buzz that provides stimulation and energy. Santa Sativa has a diverse aroma blending pine, incense, lemons, and pine into a thick wafting scent. These plants grow dark green buds and flower in an average of 10 weeks.

Lemon Pie

Don’t be fooled by the name, Lemon Sativa is more relaxing than energizing. Lemon Sativa offers a deep and heavy body buzz that permeates from head to toe. Its a great strain for organizational and chill tasks that don’t require all of your attention. Lemon Sativa has a strong lemon aroma similar to candy or fresh fruit.

Legendary Lemon

Don’t burst your own bubble, float to the sky with Lemon Bubble from Pheno Finder Seeds. This award-winning strain is a cross between Super Lemon Haze x Silver Bubble. Lemon Bubble a light and bubbly in its effects, producing happy and soothing euphoria. Is truly a tickle for your palette with strong sweet lemon flavours combined with earthy undertones. Lemon Bubble puts an emphasis on flavour and uplifting experience.

Lavender Haze

Lift your spirits to the moon with one toke: enjoy Leda Uno. A brilliant cross between a Brazilian landrace strain x KC 33 which was spliced again with a KC 606 x Leda hybrid. Its complicated genetics produce an energizing and permeating effect taking features from each of its genetic trees. Leda Uno buds are light green and release a silky lemony odour. The plants grow tall and large with substantial yields.

Jack Smack

Get Jack Smacked right in the face with this surprisingly powerful strain. Jack Smack created by Ustad Seeds is a cross between Jack Herer x Herijuana. Best used to combat lethargy and depression, this strain induces powerful mind-bending rushes of euphoria and body stimulation. Jack Smack has a fuel-like aroma with elements of earth and pine. Be careful with Jack Smack, it is not recommended for the inexperienced user.

Island Haze

The islands are calling your name. Island Maui Haze is a sativa-dominant strain generally considered a creeper. This strain has energizing effects, that take a little bit of time to hit. Island Maui Haze can be applied to pain and inflammation relief without removing your motivation. It has a strong smell, that isn’t always appealing at first, but the distinct crystal covered buds will be enough to lure you in.

Hashplant Haze

Looking for wild landraces? According to legend, Hawaii 78 is a strain that grows all over the Hawaiian Island of O’ahu. It grows very close to where Jurassic Park was filmed, providing easy access for the production crew. Maybe Spielberg and his crew and a little boost their creativity? Hawaii 78 is a beacon of old school Hawaiian genetics and is known as the “Sweet Lady of Waiāhole.”

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