White LSD

With a strain name like White LSD, one can expect a truly psychedelic experience. White LSD is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that crosses LSD x, White Widow Max. The result is an intense and cerebral buzz with a long-lasting onset. White LSD becomes very psychedelic if not dosed properly and inexperienced users can experience some feelings of anxiety or paranoia.

Are you suffering from fatigue? Do you get really tired despite getting a full night of sleep? Well, if you answered yes, you’re in luck! White LSD strain is the solution you need! Not only will it really wake you up, and keep you awake, you won’t feel any of the negative effects commonly associated with caffeine and chemical-based energy drinks. You won’t get the shakes or feel jittery, nor will you get anxious and have trouble sleeping later on in the night. No, you’ll have the perfect mix of calm and collected with hyper and downright energized.

A lot of writers use this strain because it keeps them awake and motivated, but it doesn’t stop there. Many will notice that their creative abilities skyrocket and the limits of their imagination are pushed past any recognizable breaking point. As a writer, you’ll think of the wildest and creative plot twists. As an artist, you’ll paint through a lens of pure creativity and endless imagination. White LSD strain is a work of art in itself, for it brings out the most beautiful parts of humanity.

Now do keep in mind that White LSD is a very strong cannabis strain. It will transport you to parts of your mind you didn’t know you had, and make you think of things you never could beforehand. This is great for the more experienced cannabis users out there, but beginners may struggle. They may find that they’re paranoid and anxious, which is unfortunate but true. Beginners need to take it easy with the dosage so as to ensure they don’t get paranoid. It’s also recommended that beginners smoke White LSD with a friend so they can talk them off the ledge should anything go wrong. Beginners and veterans alike may face dry mouth and itchy eyes, both of which are easily cured. Dry mouth is typically caused by dehydration and smoke inhalation. Regardless of which one it is for you, drinking plenty of fluids should help! Most people prefer Gatorade because of the electrolytes. Dry eyes (if they persist) are easy to cure as well. Simply wash your eyes out with cold water or take a hot shower.

For more information on the medical benefits and/or the recreational benefits of White LSD, be sure to visit your local weed dispensary. You may also be able to obtain some basic information from your family doctor. At the very least they’ll refer you to someone with the appropriate knowledge with respect to weed!

Truffle Butter

Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne know a thing or two about truffle butter. Truffle Butter by THClones, however, is a cross between Gelato and Chocolate Kush that makes for a super sedating strain. Sweet terpenes are flavored with buttery fruit and floral notes and even the most experienced users will find themselves couch-locked. Sedating qualities make Truffle Butter an excellent choice for patients battling insomnia and stress.

Popcorn Kush

A great bud for a short and sweet high, Popcorn Kush hits hard and fast but isn’t as long-lasting as a typical indica strain. The short half-life of this bud makes it perfect for those new to cannabis or experienced smokers who want a short high. The indica-dominant strain is relatively unknown and boasts small dense buds that pack a cerebral punch. The shorter high is a great option for daytime or early evening smoking.
The Popcorn Kush strain is a less known pure-Indica weed strain. This strain is also commonly known as Popcorn Afghan Kush and Popcorn Candy Kush. This plant’s roots are still mysterious, no one in the cannabis community can say for sure what its genetic history is. The fact that its roots are still not known probably accounts for why it is not well known. The other possible reason why this strain is not so popular is that the term popcorn in weed circles usually refers to popcorn nugs, these are shake and low-quality buds. Just making the association that this pot could be popcorn nugs, is enough for a lot of smokers to easily give this strain a pass.
Thankfully with the case of Popcorn Kush, that could not be farther from the facts. Popcorn Afghan weed is a great option for smoking in the afternoon or evening. The strain has a moderate THC concentration level that is around 16%, depending on the particular harvest. The plant characteristics of Popcorn Candy Kush are pretty similar to a popped kernel of popcorn. They have a similar shape to a popcorn kernel, and they are covered in fluffy bright green colas and sugary leaves. It also has thick brown pistils coating the outside of the bud and snowy off-white trichomes sprinkled all over the surface of the flower. The flower smells like ripe and juicy berries with some notes of the cheese. The cheesy, and fruity flavor is so unique. You will also smell some buttered popcorn, blueberries, blue cheese, and even grapefruit!

Popcorn Kush marijuana strain effects

A Popcorn Kush high has been described as an intense body high that is not long-lasting. A Popcorn Kush smoking session can not go on for that long, and its effects are pretty quick to kick in but also quick to fade away. If you are new to smoking weed and would like to get more experience, Popcorn Kush is actually a good stepping stone before you head into the world of potent weed strains. If you find that you do not enjoy your experience in this smoke, you don’t have to worry because it will fade away quickly.
You will experience a totally relaxing body-high that will have you trying to locate a comfortable chair to lay down on. This strain will not put you on a real couch lock you because it is only active for less than a few hours. However, the effects are strong enough to make some smokers dizzy while they are standing. Because the strain gives you freedom from your physical woes, it allows your thoughts to expand and give you some freedom to explore your creativity. Popcorn Afghan Kush has also been used to manage symptoms of chronic stress and depression. It can also be used to relieve nausea and a lack of appetite.


If you’re looking for a dank bud with a high THC content, look no further than Pokie. The bud is a descendant from a Pure Kush and LA Confidential hybrid crossed with a Sweet Tooth and Juicy Fruit cross strain. The smoking experience is reported to be shockingly chocolatey, with a cocoa flavour on the inhale and a sedative effect that induces relaxation with out being too heavy.

Merlot OG

With dense buds covered in white trichomes, this cross between Larry OG and Grape Ape lives up to its name. The leaves itself can become a deep purple color, especially if grown in cooler conditions, and the indica, grown by Ocean Grown Seeds, gives a buzzy and relaxing high.

Liquid Butter

Get ready to feel as close to a jar of jelly as you ever have in your adult life. Liquid Butter, an extremely hard hitting indica, boasts a powerful muscle-relaxing effect and one of the most significant appetite stimulants on the market. The strong piney scent of the strain is mixed with subtle buttery notes, and is best used when you don’t have to get anything done (seriously, nothing). Users who suffer from chronic pain and anxiety rate this one as a top performer for relieving symptoms.

Irish Cream

Creamy goodness! From Mighty Irish Seeds, this indica-dominant strain is quite sweet, has smoothness with every puff, and is great for relaxing after a long day. If you like a creamy strain, here you go.

Extreme Cream

The name of this strain sounds like another Oreo gimmick, but it’s not. Instead, it’s the crossover of Cookies & Cream and Extreme OG. It has a purple hue and smells earthy, if not a little creamy. Great for relaxing.

Endless Sky

You will feel like you’re flying through an endless sky when this strain is done with you. This indica strain is easy to grow and flowers in about 50 days, and hydroponic growers will love this strain.

Butter OG

You butter believe that this is a great strain. Butter OG is an indica-dominant plant that makes its users feel buttery smooth, giggly, and it tastes just like it sounds. It even has a fruity smell, too. Take a drag and enjoy.

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