Sinai is a rare landrace strain originating from the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. Bred for generations by the indigenous Bedouin population, Sinai has two known phenotypes, one shorter and one taller. The buds provide a potent THC content of up to 15% and the high is characterized as energetic and blissfully happy. Although energized a gentle euphoria will help calm your mind and body. Sinai is strain with a pungent sweet earth aroma blended with that classic skunk odor. Used for religious practices in the Middle East for centuries, Sinai was originally fertilized using mud from the Nile.

Colombian Mojito

You’ll feel Colombian Mojito from your head to your moji-toes! This strong and exhilarating phenotype of the iconic Colombian Gold is by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalolo Seed Bank. Known as the “mojito cut”, its tropical terpene profile is muddled with notes of mint and lime. This is a sativa-dominant bud sourced by Masta Cylinder wallops the user before relaxing into a blissed out, long-lasting physical buzz. Goodbye Cuban highball, hello Colombian Mojito. Cheers!

Wonder Woman OG

Wonder Woman…In your satin tights, fighting for your rights and the old red, white and blue…Or, rather, being microdosed and fighting off nausea, cramps and pains. Wonder Woman OG has menthol lemon flavors with woody notes and leaves users feeling sleepily euphoric.


The star of the show. This indica gets its name from its starry trichome coating. Its origins are unknown, but it’s an award-winning strain, once winning the Indica Cup in 2009 at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Spoetnik #1

This strain will launch you straight into space. From Paradise Seeds, Spoetnik #1 was built with unknown strains with Afghani characteristics. It smells like earth and fruit, and its buds are dark and detailed. For growers, this strain has a nice yield.

Phantom Arrow

Phantom is a delightful indica-dominant strain with medicinal benefits that’ll treat you to a combination of mellow joy and physical relief. The cross between Purple Arrow and Phantom Kush has shot to popularity for its ability to provide relaxation and nurse away any aches and pains. It is often recommended for anyone suffering from chronic pain or who could benefit from a euphoric mood-boost. The combination of these benefits and Phantom strain’s candy-like flavours have contributed to its rarity and sought-after status in the market.

This bud is characteristically beautiful. Its nugs are neon in colour with hints of purple and orange stigmas. It will definitely be a visually appealing addition to your collection. The strain’s THC content typically ranges from 15%-20% and can be fairly potent, depending on the batch. Be prepared for variations but a dependable buzz and awesome warming head to toe high.

It has complex flavours but an overall sweet taste. With a bubbly champagne aroma and a cherry finish, Phantom is essentially a dessert. Sweet floral flavours and mint combine to create a refreshing, fruity taste, sure to whet your appetite and ignite cravings. You’ll enjoy smoking Phantom strain if only for its unique aromas and fantastic flavours.

Indica lovers often seek out this rare strain for its relaxing and euphoric properties. Phantom creeps up on you with powerful medicinal effects that’ll have you sinking into a blissful state of relaxation. The bud has a heavy body effect that seeps into the body and coats all the muscles, making it the perfect strain for anxiety, migraines, and chronic pain. The strain is particularly effective at treating cerebral pains such as migraines in addition to general body aches. You’ll quickly feel a wave of relief and a sensation of full-body calmness. You’ll be mellowed even if you’re a high-energy individual. The strain is also popular for its ability to provide relief from general stress and inspire overall joy. Smokers can use this strain to treat anxiety, depression and decreased appetites. The strain is uplifting without sacrificing any of its beloved relaxing properties. This is the perfect strain to inspire happiness in both the mind and body, providing an overall feeling of welcome wellbeing.

Best smoked at night, the high begins in the head then spreads to the extremities, leaving you with a lovely transitional high. Initially, Phantom strain can help you relax and focus on creative tasks. It fanatics can use this window to enjoy life or work creatively without the aches and pains that may usually get in the way. After this initial head high, the strain will provide a body high and treat you to a very different experience. Prepare for warmth, a desire for coziness, and the munchies. Bring on the snacks. This strain will help increase your appetite, so be prepared with a variety of post-smoke goodies and plenty of water to counter any dry-mouth symptoms that may follow.

Perfect for anyone looking for a euphoric boost or pain relief, it will surely have you coming back for more.

Lions Gate

A rarity with indica-dominant strains, Lions Gate is known to open the gates of creativity and focus, while still providing a relaxed and mellow buzz that’s long lasting. The strain has a fairly skunky aroma without much of an undertone and can have a harsh finish. It’s also relatively low maintenance, which makes it a great option for home growers, with indoor gardens flowering in just over 8 weeks.


This is indeed sweet as caramel. Caramella is an easy-to-harvest plant that has some strong resin and colas that are so long, you’ll need an extra ruler.

White Smurf

This is one smurfing good strain. Taking the Northern Lights x Skunk #1 and Dutch, it’s a citrusy, fruity strain that you’re going to love. It won a People’s Choice Award in the Cannabis Cup back in 2000, and almost 20 years later, it’s still a winner.

Where’s My Bike

We don’t know where your bike is, but we know where a good strain is. Where’s My Bike combines Biker Kush and Amnesia. It also has a blend of terpenes, too. It’s an uplifting strain if you want a pleasant day.

Where’s My Bicycle (WMB), is an extremely sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. Produced by Karma Genetics in Amsterdam, this hybrid strain is a cross between the common Amnesia strain and Biker Kush. ⠀Where’s My Bicycle has been tested for its THC content and it has an average of 26%. There are no details regarding the CBD content levels found in it. Even though this strain of cannabis originated in Europe, cannabis users have reported frequently finding it at their local dispensaries.

As with most cannabis strains that are dominant in sativa, the nugs found on Where’s My Bike are big, overgrown, and usually fluffy. Typically, the nugs are a type of forest green colour, with sparsely accentuating fuzzy orange hairs that coat the exterior of the bud. Trichomes that appear to be milky-white thickly cover the bud and this strain is known to be able to get the most tolerant cannabis consumer blazed. Newcomers should exercise caution with this strain because of the high content of THC and it is recommended to start off low and go slow. This weed tastes like an evenly mixed combination of earth, spices, and berries. Intriguingly, the taste builds on the fragrance of the bud as it creates a strong and varying flavour profile once it has been burned. Users have said that Where’s My Bike sort of tastes like bubble gum that is mixed with kitchen spices that are added in for flavour. Although it has a unique taste one might not be used to, users have stated that it is still very pleasant.

While the name Where’s My Bike is likely to attract your attention when perusing the product shelves at your local dispensary, it is a properly named cannabis strain due to the effects that it provides its users. When you begin smoking this strain, you will more often than not, tend to forget everything that’s going on in your mind, even down to where you chained up your bike. The majority of users would characterize the high from this strain as a “stupid high.” Where’s My Bike is recognized for its potential to expand your mind quickly while trapping your body in a state of continual comfort and relaxation on the couch. Feelings of euphoria and joy will blissfully course through your mind throughout the duration of the high, and you will be thinking quick positive thoughts from one end of your mind to the other. This strain is known to distract people from any negative thoughts that they are experiencing, so people that suffer from depression, anxiety, and chronic stress could greatly benefit from consuming a little Where’s My Bike. Users have stated that this strain helps them recuperate after a long and mentally draining day at work. Because of the heavy, cerebral high, it’s not recommended to consume this during the day as it could lead to an accident.

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