Great White Shark

The strain with a bite, Great White Shark is extremely potent strain that is known for its white-crystal bud colour. This apex predator of strain crosses together Super Skunk x Brazilian x South Indian breeds into one. Great White Shark has extremely uplifting effects, but also a very powerful body buzz that is great for treating chronic pain. This strain won’t knock you out, but it will leave a bit spacey and relaxed, which may not be the best for days you need to say productive. The buds of this plant have a strong fruity aroma combines with a smell of sweet skunk. Great White Shark plants flower between 8 and 10 weeks.


A fantastic phenotype fit for a pharaoh, Tutankhamen or “King Tut” by Pyramid Seeds is strain you definitely want buried in your tomb for the afterlife. King Tut is a descendant of the AK-47 strain, that is actually one of the most potent strains on the planet. With THC levels soaring up to 29%, King Tut invigorates you and encourages creative activities. The aroma of the plant is light is comparison to its AK-47 parent, with a hint of sweetness in the taste.

Titan’s Haze

Unleash the godly power of the titan’s, with Titan’s Haze. A sativa cross bred by Flying Dutchmen, the cross brings together the best qualities of Haze x Skunk #1 to provide a powerful cerebral rush. Sativa Divas, this is the strain for you, as Titan’s Haze uplifts you with an immediate cerebral effect and creative energy. The plats smell of flower and herbal spice, with green buds and dark red furry hairs.

South Indian Sativa

South Indian landraces are pure sativa variations originating from the South Indian region of the world. They usually have uplifting effects that are energizing and motivating.

Sour Flower

Sour Flower is a sativa strain that will give you energy of flower power. Sour Flower is a direct descendant of Super Silver Haze and provides an uplifting high and relief from pain and anxiety.


Clear and skunky, SleeSkunk by DNA genetics is a super effective daytime strain. This strain crosses SleeStack x Skunk to create a powerfully potent and pungent sativa dominant hybrid. Enjoy clear and uplifting energy mostly concentrated in the head and neck areas. SleeSkunk has a super pungent skunky earthy aroma combined with hints of lemon.

Based out of Amsterdam, DNA Genetics is famously known for producing some of the best strains in the world. They are responsible for breeding Sleekunk, and while the effects that this strain produces are great, the feeling of actually smoking it takes some getting used to.

Sleekunk is known to be on the stronger side and has a potent THC content that maxes out at 22%. Because of that, the strain is recommended for cannabis users who have much experience and tolerance. Sleekunk has light greenish nugs that are fairly lumpy and thick, with thin orange pistils and surprisingly big white crystals.

A lot of cannabis consumers might not even need to start the day with a warm cup of coffee after taking a few tokes of Sleekunk because shortly after, an instant jolt of energy that is infused with creativity and focus will impart its way to the user. You will be able to completely concentrate on tasks without feeling any of the lingering effects of paranoia that sometimes come with sativa-dominant strains. You will have a calm, clear, and energetic head high that will keep you reaching for Sleekunk as opposed to the next cup of coffee. Even though Sleekunk can be used for office environments, consumers might find it better suited for social situations. Sleekunk isn’t a strain that claims to have the ability to cure every type of medical condition, but it does have a fair amount of uses. Users have reported that it has beneficial anxiety-reducing effects, relief from nausea, migraines, PTSD, general pain throughout the body, glaucoma, hypertension, and tinnitus.

While SleeSkunk is usually a safe plant to grow for people that are just new to cannabis cultivating, it is the professionals who will fully reap the benefits and be able to really help her succeed. Sleekunk isn’t considered to be a weak strain, but with the use of hydroponics, this will make it extremely resistant and resilient against mould and pests. Sleekunk is known to mature a lot faster than other hybrids. Cultivators should expect this strain to be ready about 8 to 9 week The yields that are produced are massive and range up to 500 grams per plant, so get ready to make several new friends. To be able to get through the potent flavours and fragrances of SleeSkunk, it takes a fair amount of courage, but once you do, you’ll realize why it’s worth it. Users have reported Sleekunk tasting like a creamy hazelnut macchiato that has a citrusy exhale. Sleekunk is a multi-purpose strain of cannabis that quickly makes its way to the top of many lists of people who regularly consume cannabis.

Skunk Dawg

Enjoy the pungent sweet and sour aroma of Skunk Dawg for a truly diverse flavour experience. Skunk Dawg is a sativa-dominant cross between Super Skunk x Chemdawg making it a popular choice for daytime use. This strain has long lasting effects that are clear-headed and cerebral in nature. Take in aromas of skunky citrus and indulge in flavours of skunky earth and floral aftertaste.


Shipwreck is the strain that can get you through the rough times at sea, even a stint on desert island. This intense sativa strain is a cross of Trainwreck x Mothership and is an effective medicine for accomplishing your tasks. Shipwreck has a long lasting buzz and a potent euphoric high. However, new users should be weary of the laziness that can be induced by a high THC potency. Shipwreck has a pungent skunk and diesel aroma and flavours of citrus and spice.

Punto Rojo (Tierra Adentro)

Vamos Amigos! Let’s go back in time to the 1970s, when Colombian landrace strain Punto Rojo was discovered. Today, The Landrace Team breeds this pure sativa that smells like fruit and incense. Punto Rojo will fill you with euphoric thought and a calming energy that will keep you focused. Plants grow like a classic sativa, tall and with wispy buds.

Poochie Love

Poochie Love is the offspring of Dog Shit x Faceoff OG. Yes, this a strain with a parent famous for smelling like dog faces, but don’t let that deter you! Archive Seed Bank crafted this extremely tasty strain that smells a lot more like earth and spice. Poochie Love overcomes its stale aroma with powerful and clear euphoria. Experience creative and social energy that can be your best friend when you need to get this done.
Dog Shit is one of the most famous strains in the weed community. It has powerful Sativa effects that give smokers an incredible cerebral buzz, but the downside is its terrible smell. Combining it with Face Off OG which is known for having a rich pleasant scent, the breeders created the Poochie Love weed strain masterpiece. Poochie Love is a Sativa dominant plant that has THC levels ranging between 13% and 23%. Poochie Love has a heavily earthy aroma and gives predominantly relaxing experiences.

Poochie Love strain high and medical benefits

Poochie love strain effects kick in after simply taking the first two or three puffs. Poochie Love will give you an energizing buzz that moves throughout your whole body and gives you a feeling of reinvigoration. The cerebral effect begins around the temples, then you start to feel a rush of euphoria, and you will notice your mood getting better. This strain gives you mental stimulation and a clear thought process that can spark your creativity. It lets your thoughts flow so smoothly, and free form into innovative ideas. You will find that you have a heightened sense of focus and your motivation is renewed- allowing you to get tasks done so for long periods of time.
In an hour or two, you may feel some pressure between your eyes and it can slowly trickle down to the rest of your body. This is the beginning of the relaxation stage of the high, the strain will calm you down without totally sedating you. It is a perfect strain for people who want a wake and bake experience. We wouldn’t advise using it just before bed, as you may struggle to fall asleep.
Poochie Love is a great source of stress relief for medical marijuana users who have chronic stress and anxiety. The strain’s ability to enhance moods is helpful for people who suffer from depression as it can stabilize turbulent emotions and bring positive thoughts and emotions. It is also helpful to patients who have attention disorders such as ADD or ADHD. This bud is also useful in energizing people who are physically and mentally burnt out or fatigued. In addition, the strain can bring relief to pain caused by inflamed muscles or damaged nerves.
You can grow Poochie Love strain indoors, but it needs extra love and care when grown indoors. Growing the strain ideas means you can better protect it from pests and appropriately adjust the temperature, humidity, and lighting. The plants grow very long, so you would need to use the early topping method. You can also nurture this herb in a hydroponics system to produce cleaner buds. It takes about 10 to 12 weeks for this strain to flower, and it produces a decent yield of about 12 to 16 ounces per square meter.

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