Root Beer Kush

Panama Red

Get dressed up and roll out the red carpet with Panama Red. This classic cannabis strain originating from Panama has been heralded since the 1960s for its fast-acting sativa driven effects. Panama Red hits you with an distinct cerebral buzz of euphoria, helping to relax and ease your mind. Effective for anxiety, ADHD, migraines, this strain smells of pungent earth and wood. Panama Red isn’t as strong as modern counterparts, but its silky smooth smoke and enjoyable high make it worthy of revival. These plants have a lengthy flowering time of 11 weeks.


Spartan King Leonidas only needed 300 men to hold the gates of Thermopylae against thousands of intruders. That means you only need one Leonidas strain to fight any of your ailments. Leonidas is a Super Silver Haze variation that crosses Haze x Skunk #1 x Northern Lights. This strain delivers a spear thrust straight to depression, stress, and fatigue while parrying all notions of burnout. Leonidas is citrusy and sweet in taste and smells strong of its Skunk ancestry.

Kali 47

Like the mist from a nearby waterfall, Kali Mist will soothe your senses. Kali Mist is a cross of two unknown sativa genetics. While their origin are unknown, the strain’s effects are not debated. Kali Mist is clear headed in its buzz, but also very psychic. If you are looking to stay focused with a light buzz, Kali mist is perfect.

Blue Dot

One fish, two dot, red fish, Blue Dot! Also known as MGB (Medical Grade Bud), Blue Dot is a setiva dominant strain hailing from Sonoma. The Californian medical patient who created this strain combined Leda Uno, Haze and Northern Lights. Hash-flavored resinous buds have a flowering cycle of up to 10 weeks and the resulting taste is earthy and nutty with tangy lemon notes.

Afghan Cow

Mooooo…..Afghan Cow is a resinous sativa with a gorgeous smell that keeps users frolicking in the fields. Bred by Dr. Krippling Seeds, Afghan Cow is a cross of Ash, AK-47 phenotype Kaya 47 and the legendary Kali Mist. This strain enjoys impressive growth and high yields inside and out. Buds are flavored with vanilla and diesel with floral notes, and provide excellent uplifting effects for daytime use.

Vanilla Kush

The only thing vanilla about this strain is its lavendar-infused vanilla flavor. Vanilla Kush from Amsterdam-based Barney’s Farm took 2nd place overall at the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup. Genetics stem from Kashmir and Afghan strains with a resulting THC content above 20%. Plants flower within two months and flowers are large and green with orange highlights. Beginners should be mindful as this is a potent and powerful Kush.

Mendo Breath

A powerful and dense bud, Mendo Breath is best saved for the end of the day. The bud is a mix of OGKB and Mendo Montage which combine to made a sweet and pungent bud that reeks of vanilla and caramel.

Ice Cream Cake

Not the kind of ice cream cake you can get at Dairy Queen. This strain is from Seed Junky Genetics, and it’s the combination of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake. The result is a strain that has trichomes that look icy and with a dark purple hue. It tastes just like a cake, with a bit of vanilla, sugar, and it has a creamy feel.

Hannibal Nectar

No, it won’t turn you into a cannibal. Hannibal Nectar is a killer strain from Insanity Strains, and it is intended for the experienced fans. It combines Pineapple Cheese and The Loops. It’s got a bit of a cheesy and citrusy smell to it and tastes like grapefruit.

Hannibal Nectar is a relatively rare strain of indica-dominant cannabis. When the nugs on this strain are burned, they give off a sour and dank type of aroma. The nugs on Hannibal Nectar are quite puffy and round in shape. If you take a more in-depth, closer look at the buds, you’ll notice amber-colored pistils and trichomes popping out everywhere.

Effects of Hannibal Nectar

Hannibal Nectar is known to hit users like a heavy stone. Users will be squinting their eyes with a hazy mind until the end of the high. The high produced from Hannibal Nectar is a long-lasting one that will leave you couch-locked and almost immovable for a couple of hours. The beginning of the high feels like a euphoric cerebral surge that will shift your mind into the atmosphere, but you will still have mental clarity and focus. Soon after that, the high turns a bit more stoney. The initial focus will soon turn into an unfocused sense of calmness. Spacey thoughts will overtake your mind, and soon after that, your body will follow suit. You will feel sedated, but not in the way that you will want to just doze off right away.

Therapeutic Uses of Hannibal Nectar

Hannibal Nectar has a THC content level of around 21-22%. The Hannibal Nectar strain is useful for a number of different health conditions and ailments. For those dealing with cramps, Hannibal Nectar can bring much-needed relief. Headaches and migraines can also dissipate after consumption. If you’ve had a rough or stressful day or week at work, smoking Hannibal Nectar will launch you into a relaxation that will put a smile on your face. Those dealing with depression can benefit from the uplifting and relaxing mood and mindset that this strain provides. Like many strains of cannabis, Hannibal Nectar can also cause a dry mouth. It’s important to remain hydrated when this happens.

If you ever get a chance to try out Hannibal Nectar vape, don’t pass up the opportunity. It is a strain that users thoroughly enjoy because of its wide range of effects and characteristics. If you’re looking for a hybrid strain that contains a little bit of sativa and a lot of indica, this is the one to try out. It is a strain that is recommended to use in the evening because of its heavy effects. If you’re interested in growing this strain, the difficulty in cultivating it is at a moderate level. It will typically take around 49 to 70 days to reach full maturity. Hannibal Nectar makes for a good strain to consume with a bunch of friends after a long week of work. You’ll enjoy the mindful boost that it will give you, and that will benefit the conversations that you have with others.

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