Angel Number 1024 means that angels are looking out for you to transform your life. The Spanish strain 1024 is a sativa dominant that may simply transform you. Period. Breeder Medical Seeds Co carefully guards the genetics of this bud, though one varietal is so stinky it can fill a room with an incense-like smell. 1024 is a THC power player with strong sativa effects that hit fast and hard! Citrus and sage flavours have a musky undertone.
Even though the majority of people probably won’t ever have the opportunity to learn the actual genetics of this strain, they still get to reap the benefits of it. The #1024 strain of cannabis packs a serious THC content that sits at around 25%. It also contains a 4% CBD level, which makes it a strain that both recreational and medicinal users can enjoy. The nuggets are known to be very fluffy and they bust apart without much effort. You’ll notice orange pistils stemming from the bud and a dense covering of trichomes that nearly begs you to smoke it. When you take a smell of 1024, you’ll pick up on the mix of herbs and spices. As you take a toke, you’ll experience flavours of pepper, fruits, and green tea.
#1024 strain is typically a durable plant that isn’t too affected by moulds that might commonly do serious damage to other strains. Novice growers should be able to produce good yields with 1024. It does great both indoors and outdoors and it takes around 8 to 9 weeks for a mature harvest. You won’t get massive yields with 1024, but either way, you don’t need much of it to get high, to begin with.

General Effects of 1024

Because the 1024 strain THC level is so potent, and because it is also sativa-dominant, users will love choosing this one for wake and bake sessions. Right after consumption, users will feel a surge of energy that makes them feel like they are on top of the world. You will feel strong, tingly sensations run through your body during the energetic high. The energy might not cause you to jump around and go crazy, but it will result in an extreme boost of concentrated energy that will help you remain focused and ready to finish off any type of task that you have on the agenda. One thing to note is that this strain can cause bouts of heavy laughter, so if you’re needing to focus on a specific task and need to get it done, then maybe 1024 should best be saved for the weekend.
Medical patients flock to 1024 weed because of the CBD in it. This strain is notable in helping patients combat fatigue, inflammation throughout the body, and many other ailments. It is a great strain for dealing with various types of pain. If you have any ongoing aches or frequent cramps that are bothering you, then this is the one that will help with that.

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