24k Gold

This jaw-dropping combo of LA’s fabled Kosher Kush and winning sativa strain Tangie, 24k Gold, is one of a kind. The strain, aka Kosher Tangie, has a strong tangerine essence when inhaled. Tangie provides the citrusy flavour, while Kosher Kush gives it its rich colour. But the unique taste is all it’s own. Newbies are warned: with high levels of THC this is not for starter smokers.

24k Gold, a high profile chill out smoke

24K Gold also known as 24 Karat Gold and sometimes called Kosher Tangie is an indica-dominant cannabis hybrid, although it has long-lasting physical effects usually associated with sativa. 24 K Strain was created by DNA Genetics well known to be high-profile breeders. DNA Genetics is the same group behind LA Confidential and Chocolope. As mentioned before this strain has a standout citrus flavour profile. In addition, it will impress you with its vibrant, eye-catching flowers. This weed hybrid’s potency is between 15% and an impressive 24% THC, if you are a newbie cannabis user this may not be the best choice for you if you do choose to give it a smoke, be sure to take a humble dosage.

This strain is characterized by its medium to large flowers. Depending on the phenotype, its buds range from spherical to tapered and almost spade-shaped. The flowers do however adhere to a dense, indica-typical bud structure. It has leaves that are a pale shade of spring green and are interlaced through with rust-coloured pistils. This impressive plant has a translucent coat of trichomes that covers the inner and outer surfaces of the flowers responsible for 24K Gold’s psychoactivity and giving it an icy white sheen.

Cured 24K Gold flowers smell of fresh citrus and orange zest. the layered smell also includes pine and musk undertones. When you break open these dense buds, you will smell notes of spicy incense, reminiscent of this hybrid’s Hindu Kush landrace heritage. When smoked in a pipe or a joint, this plant burns with an uncommonly smooth smoke that is thick and lung-expanding. The smoke tastes fruity with a pleasantly surprising peppery kick on the exhale.

A 24K Gold high hits quickly, especially for an indica. After exhaling a bowlful, smokers may almost immediately detect a throbbing at the temples and front of the forehead. This sensation is followed by a sharpening of the senses. On this high sights and sounds will seem to be amplified. It is perfect for enjoying some chill music or a movie with impressive visuals. Some users experience slightly psychedelic effects on this smoke, you may experience visual distortions and time dilation.

Most users find that they are able to carry on a lucid conversation on this smoke but productivity is limited as they tend to become dopey and unable to complete complex tasks. This is a chill-out buzz better enjoyed with some friends as the laughs and deep conversation flow. Gradually you will feel a more intense experience of physical sedation. You may slide into a body melt or couch-lock. These predominantly lazy vibes mean that 24K Gold is more appropriate for the evening rather than daytime use.

Medical cannabis patients appreciate this strain’s pain-relieving properties. Its anti-inflammatory effects can also be useful to manage headaches and stomach issues. It is also helpful in Luling insomniacs into a deep, restful sleep. It can also relieve symptoms of stress and depression.

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