707 Truthband

No sense in lying about your area code. 707 Truthband is a high THC sativa-dominant strain developed by Emerald Mountain Seeds. Dense buds grow heavy on thick stalks with sunset-tinged hues. Spicy fruit notes are blended with musky oil and sharp pine in this potent blend of 707 Headband and The Truth.

Known for its ability to chill you out yet energize you at the same time, 707 truthband is a top tier cannabis strain. Expect a boost in cognitive function and creativity, as well as focus and concentration allowing you to complete tasks on time. Not to mention the tasks you complete will be a product of creativity spikes and endless focus. By maintaining a euphoric mind high and a subtle body high to relax yet energize your extremities and distract you from your stressors, 707 truthband strain is an excellent combatant to fighting off procrastination. Thankfully this strain has only side effects, and it’s incredibly minor and not very common. That side effect is dry eyes. A common among most cannabis strains, dry eyes is easily countered with basic off the shelf eye drops. Do note that if your eyes feel dry for extended periods of time after use, you may want to visit a clinic or your general practitioner. Just to be on the safe side!

Many find that this particular strain is extraordinarily beautiful. While the plant is flowering, it often displays bright purple colours, alongside red and orange hues that often make the plant resemble a peaceful, cloudless sunset. Not to mention 707 truthband is famous for its humongous yield, weighing in at a decent six hundred grams per square meter indoors, and four kilograms per plant outside! Keep in mind that the flowering time for 707 truthband is approximately ten weeks, and its outdoor harvest time is during October.

Many users of 707 truthband report that the strain tastes of spiced fruit. More specifically, some users report lemon and cherry, whereas others report just lemon. Other users often report that the lemon overtones are complemented with oil and pine undertones, making for a fascinating and flavourful experience. As for aromas, many reports that subtle hints of spiced fruit are present, as with the flavour. Complementing the spiced fruit are often pine and Earthy aromas. One major thing to note is that the flavours and aroma do not subside at any point during the experience. From start to finish the flavours are present, intense, and everlasting.

Although not as effective as other strains, 707 truthband is fairly good at reducing stress and anxiety. Due to the calming high that accompanies the euphoria, many report that their stress levels vanished, and didn’t come back till hours after use. Also, due to the euphoric mind high, many reports that their depressive episodes lessen, and are replaced with a feeling of general peace and satisfaction.

As 707 truthband is a powerful strain that is flavourful, long-lasting, and incredibly potent, many deem it to be the most coveted of cannabis seeds going.

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