’98 Aloha White Widow

Say hello to sativa dominant hybrid, ’98 Aloha White Widow hailing from, where else? Hawaii. This one-hitter wonder has a rich earthy musk with tropical undertones. It’s room-filling odour reflect its lush foliage that’s coated in trichomes. Its odour is pungent and reeks of skunk and diesel with hash undertones. May alleviate headaches, depression and insomnia.

This particular strain is perfect for those looking for a cognitive boost, yet a relaxing high. Known to relax the extremities and provide a euphoric cerebral high, Aloha White Widow is one of the favourites among users who need to chill out and simply get stuff done. The strain will mellow you out and keep you focused. Expect a creative boost that’ll allow you to view the world and everyday things with a lens you never before had access to. Unlike other strains, this particular strain will energize your thoughts, rather than couch lock you. Perhaps most importantly, many users report a significant spike in libido when taken in moderate to high dosages. Get what you need to get done today, with the help of 98 Aloha White Widow.

98 Aloha White Widow tastes of diesel and Earth yet maintains subtle undertones of flowers and spice. Many claims that the strain tastes of chilli peppers and ghost peppers. The taste of this specific strain draws in many users since the spice and diesel are contrasted with flowers in order to create an incredibly unique taste that cannot be found anywhere else. As for the smell of the strain, expect Earthy and diesel-like aromas. Be prepared for a strong contrast of spicy aromas. Sometimes users don’t like the spice when it comes to smell, as some people can’t handle spice like others.

Unlike other marijuana strains, the strain is not generally used for its medical benefits. However, some users do report a few medical benefits. The first is a reduction in body pain. Chronic pains like toothaches, backaches and even headaches have all been known to recede when the user consumes the strain. This reduction in pain is often due to the receding of inflammation, which not only reduces pain but can also improve and benefit mobility.

Unfortunately, this specific strain is not without side effects. Like most strains, users that try Aloha White Widow often report dry mouth. Dry mouth is common among most strains and isn’t anything you need to worry about. Staying hydrated by drinking a glass of water every now and then will cure dry mouth easily and quickly. Similarly to dry mouth, sometimes users report dry eyes as a side effect of the strain. Dry eyes are often a result of your eyes being exposed to smoke and can be treated by washing your eyes out or by using off the shelf eye drops. This specific strain of marijuana tends to make the odd few somewhat anxious. This side effect is not all that common, however, it does typically only happen to younger users, typically beginners. This is often due to a lack of experience and expectancy.

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