Alien Bubba

This Bubba comes in peace. Combining Alien Kush and Bubba Kush, this strain has an earthy taste to it. Its taste is a bit like tea and grass, and every exhale is smooth as butter.
Alien Bubba originated from Cali Connections. They are a breeder that also produced a strain called Jedi Kush. This strain will be enjoyed by people who want to enjoy a state of pure chill. It’s not one that you want to consume if you have a massive list of tasks that you need to get done for the day.
Indica lovers will find a lot of satisfaction in giving Alien Bubba a try because of its effects and THC levels of 15% to 21%. The Alien Bubba strain has big flowers that are kind of in a tapered formation. They almost look like tiny cypress trees. The bud structure is dense, as is characterized by many strains of indica weed. The leaves kind of curl back and they are a pleasant shade of green. Taking a closer look at the bud, you’ll notice orange and brownish pistils covering it.
Alien Bubba kush has a fragrance that is on the musky and dank side, kind of like how earth smells after a brisk rain. You’ll also notice a few hints of pine and cedar if you give it a closer smell. If you grind up the weed, you’ll unlock a hashy aroma.

General Effects Of Aliena Bubba

Alien Bubba berry is one of those highs that will slowly build its way upon you. In the moments right after smoking, you might wonder if the weed is even working, until it starts to overtake you. You’ll initially feel a sensation of light pressure in your head before being overtaken by an altered sense of perception. Time will start to feel like it is barely moving at all. It will feel like a psychedelic type of high that is characterized by a clouded mental state. You won’t want to do anything that requires moving around and thinking a lot, so this is not one you want to wake and bake with. But, if you’re in the mood to relax and do nothing, this is a perfect strain to smoke. If you’re just having a low-key evening with some friends, Alien Bubba is a great choice. If you’re wanting to binge-watch a series on TV, you’ll love using this strain before that. Users who smoke the bubba fire strain will feel like they are not able to move, nor will they want to.
Because of these calming effects, Alien Bubba is the perfect strain for relieving symptoms of anxiety. Depression and stress levels can also be helped. For those dealing with temporary or frequent pain, this strain is good for taking the edge off. It also has some anti-inflammatory effects that will help with things like nausea and certain types of headaches. If you have issues in falling asleep at night, this calming strain will create a relaxation that will help you doze off into a blissful slumber. It is perfect for people that are prone to paranoia because it doesn’t cause some of the mind-racing effects that other strains can sometimes cause.

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