Alien Dutchess

Dutchess? Or Duchess? Does it matter? Not on this planet. Alien Dutchess was created by Cresco Labs by combining Alien OG with Dutch Treat Haze for a royally relaxing strain that’s out of this world. Euphoric and chilled, this herby, spicey bud has an aromatic profile of lemon and pine with earthy citrus notes that come through on the exhale. Alien Dutchess relieves symptoms of nausea, stress and headaches.

Many users report feelings of relaxation and happiness. The uplifting and euphoric high can help with focus, calm reflection, and self-awareness. Alien Dutches’s strain contains a high level of THC while still keeping room for CBD. The mix creates a perfectly balanced high.

Wondering what to expect from this strain? Of course, results can vary from user to user, but many consumers experience a wonderful and euphoric high with several positive effects. Chill out and relax with the strain. Most users experience a high free of worry and full of relaxation. The strain can help consumers focus and find creativity in their lives. With the relaxed high, you can stop overthinking and let your creativity flow. While the high from it is a relaxing and calm one, it doesn’t mean you’ll want to sleep. Feel energized and ready to take on your to-do list with this strain. It contains a high level of THC and users will find themselves feeling higher.

There are several medical benefits to using it. This strain provides both mental and physical relief. It can help with physical aches and pains, in addition to helping users manage mental illness and mood disorders. Say goodbye to aches and body pain with it. Many users find the happy high produced by Alien Dutchess helpful in managing seasonal depression, situational depression, and chronic depression. In addition, it could potentially be helpful in managing an array of other mood disorders. The uplifting and energizing effects of the strain can help regulate your sleep schedule and combat fatigue. It is great for alleviating headaches and migraines. Whether you have chronic headaches, tension, headaches, minor or major headaches, it can help. The worry-free high user’s experience with it can be extremely helpful in managing stress and anxiety.

It has a distinct and unique taste. Users love it for its smell and taste. You’ll love the earthy, citrus, and pine flavour of this strain.

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