Alien Hallucination

You’re not seeing things. Alien Hallucination is a 50/50 hybrid cross of LSD and Tahoe Alien. With high levels of THC this otherworldly strain is best suited for experienced users. Often used to treat depression, insomnia, stress and muscle tremors, it has a strong and tangy-sweet citrus flavour.

Alien Hallucination is created by Alien Genetics. Alien Genetics is quite a mysterious cannabis breeder, that is as rare as a sighting of extraterrestrial creatures. One of their greatest gifts to our planet is the development of it, a truly memorable cannabis strain. This strain a perfectly balanced hybrid that was created from crossing Tahoe Alien and LSD, legendary weed strains in their own right.

It is more suitable for veteran marijuana users, it brings on out of body experiences that will have you feeling like you have made contact with the entire population of Mars. In terms of its potency, this strain is moderate to high with an average THC concentration of about 24%. It has gorgeous bright green nugs that are quite lumpy. The nugs are complemented by a purple undertone and orange pistils surrounding them. It is certainly easy on the eyes, it has amber-coloured trichomes to finish off its gorgeous appearance.

In terms of flavour, this strain offers tasty notes of tangy and sweet with just a touch of earthiness. It tastes like you are smoking a big glass of freshly squeezed juice. It is definitely not recommended for morning use because its strong effects will incapacitate you for most of the day. Enjoy this smoke over the weekend or in the late afternoon or evening. As you may have guessed an Alien Hallucination high is like your personal outer space trip to meet other mysterious life forms.

The high will have you feeling very mellow and relaxed, a characteristic that will not do you any good during the day time. As the high kicks in you will experience a dose of complete euphoria and bliss. If you need to complete an artistic project like writing a song, a book or painting on a canvas, try taking it as your companion. Occasional Alien Hallucination users say it stimulates creativity in a powerful way. As the high progresses the euphoric bliss is transformed into a very Stoney state that brings on the infamous psychoactive experiences. An Alien Hallucination high is a delicate combination of a floating mind and heavy bod, meaning that it will keep you grounded while you fly high. This high is one you won’t soon forget. Whenever you feel like you are ready to take a trip to the ends of the universe, be sure to take some strain along for the ride.

For medical marijuana users, it comes bearing good news to treat a wide variety of maladies. It has been known to help patients with chronic depression and stress as it uplifts the mood. With the right dosage, it can also be useful for easing several other mood disorders. Patients with chronic pain and muscle spasms find relief from the strain’s dosage. It may also give a good night’s sleep to patients with insomnia. If you are interested in growing weed at home, you will be pleased to know that the strain is fairly easy to grow whether you are a novice or an expert weed grower. The strain will thrive when cultivated both in or outdoors. It takes about 9 weeks to flower and produces a significant yield. The only problem you will run into if you want to grow this cannabis strain is that the seeds can be difficult to come by. It is best to grow it from cutting and create a clone.

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