Apple Jack

A is for Apple. J is for Jack. Delicious toasty Apple Jack is the potent and popular cross of Jack Herer and White Widow. The strain has a sweet fruity flavour with hints of earth and skunk and is excellent for treating mood disorders, chronic pain and nausea. Happy Jack has a strong mix of mind and body effects, with focused creativity and calm relaxation.

Apple Jack weed, as you may have already guessed, is a super tasty bud that has way more to offer a clever name and glossy appearance. This impressive bud is a precious gift brought to us by Seedism Seeds. Seeds are a top Dutch breeder and they are highly sought after cultivators in the Netherlands. The perfect crossing of Jack Herer and White Widow gives this strain its notoriously potent genes an unmatched high. Although it has a dynamic high, Apple Jack actually does not have a particularly high THC concentration level. The strain is certainly a harmonious balance between sativa and indica, this balance make it a highly sought after weed strain for its otherworldly effects.

The flavours found in this strain are just as the name Apple Jack would suggest. The strain has a fruity and earthy vibe complemented by sweet and tart apple zest. In terms of aroma, Apple Jack smells just as good as it tastes. On the nose you will pick up notes of apple and sugar, all nestled in a pungent earthiness.

The buds are quite dense, they have green colour with red and gold undertones. Apple Jack’s buds give you an intensely focused high. It is the perfect smoke for when you have a pressing project to finish or a to-do list that needs completing. The bud goes down so smooth and will have you get you feeling a heady cerebral rush, you will begin to feel this after just one hit. As the high develops, you will experience a strong burst of energy washing over.

This is accompanied by an opening of the floodgates of your creative juices. It will truly have your creative cylinders firing, ideal for brainstorming or completing an artistic project like writing a song or painting. The ability to elevate your focus and creativity make Apple Jack a perfect daytime smoke. It also does have the full-body relaxation characteristic of most indicas. This relaxation compliments the intense sativa buzz you will feel from head to toe. Dutch marijuana breeders are well known for their weed expertise, they are practically cannabis connoisseurs. The Netherlands has been perfecting the weed art form long before it was even legal to grow it in most countries. This delicious strain has a set of uniquely enticing characteristics. Be sure to try blazing this bud first thing in the morning to give yourself an energetic start to the day.

Apple Jack is very useful for medical marijuana users. It can help in managing mood and attention disorders including bipolar, depression, chronic stress, and ADHD. It has properties that can help patients streamline their thoughts while thwarting negativity. Its ability to make people highly feel more energetic brings much-needed relief to patients suffering from clinical exhaustion and chronic fatigue. If you are interested in growing this weed strain at home, you will be disappointed to learn that the seeds are difficult to come by. Due to the scarcity of Apple Jack seeds, there is a very limited grow information available.

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