Atomic Goat

Atomic Goat is the bomb. Born in Seattle back in 2010, Atomic Goat is the hybrid offspring of a Chernobyl dad and Golden Goat mama clone. The sage-like aroma and a dense coating of crystal trichomes make this strain somewhat THC-heavy. Tranquil creativity and a relaxed physical sense are some of its effects.

It’s best not to let the name of this strain trick you. It has a fragrance that will seem to be more on the herbal side than it is on the goat side. After smoking this strain, you will quickly feel an initial burst of energy, but soon after, it will slowly create a heavy feeling of relaxation. The THC content of Atomic Goat was estimated to be between 14% and 21%. With a fairly rounded, bullet-like shape and generally medium size and structure, Atomic Goat’s flower sets it apart from the rest. It has buds that will stick very close together in a dense, nearly indica resembling structure. The leaves are a lighter shade of lime green and are tiny and tightly-coiled together and wound up through brown curly pistils. Golden Goat, which is one of the parent strains of it, lends its amber-coloured trichomes that create gold, almost yellow-coloured hue.

It has a herbal scent that might remind you of eucalyptus. You might also smell undertones of cocoa, but grinding up the flowers will produce a spicey, peppery type of aroma. When you ignite the cannabis in a pipe or joint, it burns smoothly and inhales just the same. Users might find that it contains a nutty type of flavour that contains hints of spice in it when it is exhaled.

Soon after Atomic Goat has been consumed, it doesn’t take a long time before you will start to feel the effects kick in right in your head. You might feel a little surge of blood rushing to your face and a potential increase in blood pressure that might surround your temples and eyes. Following these sensations, a shift in the way you think and feel will start to occur. You might begin finding yourself thinking about ideas and concepts that you would never have found intriguing before consuming it, and doing this might take a great deal of your attention away from other things. In addition, the cerebral mindset of this bud can generate new correlations between apparently unrelated thoughts in your mind, spurring some consumers into a free-flowing state of consciousness.

Because of these effects, it is an ideal strain to consume if you have to set your mind to doing analytical tasks that require an intense amount of detail. Medicinal cannabis consumers can benefit from this strain’s mood-altering ability to relieve symptoms of stress and depression. It can alleviate general aches and pains throughout the body and assist people suffering from nausea and headaches. Those that deal with attention deficit disorders might reap the concentration benefits that the strain provides. Because of the high THC content and cerebral high that this strain produces, it is not recommended for cannabis consumers that are prone to panic or paranoia.

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