Banana Hammock R1

No, not that banana hammock. This strain combines Mandarin Sunset and Grape God. The result is an indica strain from Ethos, a breeder close to Colorado. It has over 20 percent THC, so novices beware.
Hopefully, this Banana Hammock strain review will help you in learning more about it. The Banana Hammock strain of cannabis has also been referred to as Banana Hammock R1. It is a fairly rare strain to get your hands on, and it is a favorite amongst cannabis consumers because of the great flavor that it provides, in combination with the overall uplifting effects. The taste exhibits a sweet flavor with hints of honey, fruits, and lime. The fragrances it gives off are also very alluring to the senses, and they smell just the same as the flavors but have accents of the earth as well.
After you take your first toke of the Banana Hammock marijuana strain, you’ll begin to feel a settling feeling up in your mind, and it will eventually make its way to the rest of your body. You’ll feel a general sense of calmness that will be engulfed in feelings of relaxation and euphoria. If you experience any negative or racy thoughts, these will soon dissipate, and you’ll feel like you’re actually in a banana hammock. After the initial feelings, your body will feel like it is in a complete state of ease. Banana Hammock has very long, nearly pepper-shaped buds. The buds are a deep shade of olive green, and you’ll also see purple undertones throughout it. You might also notice a coating of orange hairs on its surface with an abundance of crystal trichomes. Banana Hammock quickly becomes a favorite amongst cannabis users because it tends to produce a good high on a consistent basis, and that’s how you can tell when you have found a good strain. The Banana Hammock weed strain is a powerful one that will send you off to dreamland in no time at all.

Medicinal Uses Of Banana Hammock

Because of the very high THC content in Banana Hammock, it can be used for a variety of different medicinal purposes. People who are dealing with frequently high-stress levels, insomnia, anxiety, or depression will greatly benefit from the relaxation that this strain can offer. Some users have reported that Banana Hammock took their pain away instantly after consuming it and gave them a relaxing buzz throughout their body. Many consumers like to smoke this before bed because of the increased feelings of relaxation. For those who have a high tolerance for cannabis, the high THC content in this strain will do the trick every single time. While some users report this strain seeming a little higher on the indica side, they stated that they were still able to go out and socialize with friends. One cannabis consumer stated that they have struggled with insomnia for over 15 years, and upon finding this strain, they were able to fall asleep like a baby.

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