Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise strain is a favorite among many because it doesn’t couch lock you. Instead, it energizes you. It makes you motivated enough to do everything you’ve been procrastinating. Alongside that is the rush of creativity and euphoria you’ll feel. A lot of people find it hilarious to be high on this, with a few reports of tremendous giggling. All of these traits make the strain a favorite for party people, but the target audience of this strain extends further. A lot of people actually use it for medical purposes! Some even grow them using their respective cannabis seeds.

Birds of Practice is an excellent strain for people suffering from mental ailments. A prominent example being depression. This particular strain energizes you, all the while creating an intense feeling of euphoria. Depressive episodes tend to stay away. Anxiety and stress have also been known to stay away from when high on this strain. Similar to most highs, this one releases a lot of dopamine and serotonin into your brain. Both compounds are natural and are responsible for uplifting your mood and reducing mental hardships. Some people even find that using their respective cannabis seeds gives them a sense of purpose.

The medical benefits don’t stop at mental sickness, however. A lot of physical ailments are reduced through the use of Birds of Paradise as well. Chronic and severe pain, inflammation, and even muscle spasms are all kept at bay. This is because your muscles and mind are soothed alongside the energy. The adrenaline that fuels these problems is set aside. Overall you’ll just feel great.

Birds of Paradise strain smells a lot like skunk (despite its name). Skunk mixed with Earth, Grapes, and Citrus. This set of aromas is often what brings people in, as the combination can be quite addicting. The flavors, on the other hand, differ a little bit. Most people claim that it’s not as skunky as the smell and that the grape really shines through. Alongside the flavor and smell is some really smooth smoke. People have also mentioned that cannabis seeds are really easy to plant. A lot of people find that the smoke is easy to inhale, and makes the entire experience a whole lot better. Do be careful, though, as you may get the odd case of dry mouth. Drink some water, and you’ll be fine!

When discussing side effects, we feel it’s important to note that a lot of users report dry mouth. Dry mouth typically occurs because of the smoke lingering in your mouth. Smoke can really suck a lot of moisture out of your mouth, hence the cotton or dry mouth you may experience. Ready for a pro tip? Drink Gatorade throughout the entire ordeal. Many users report that Gatorade is great because of how smooth and flavourful it is. It goes well with most snacks, and there’s a lot of different flavor options. It should also be noted that dehydration is another cause of dry mouth, and even dry eyes, which we’ll discuss later on.

Another side effect you may experience is mild paranoia. Paranoia tends to happen when you’re not familiar with weed. Beginners have reported in the past that after the first few times they smoked the paranoia began to disappear. If you experience paranoia while smoking this particular weed strain, it’s best to stop smoking and try to sober up. Take a hot shower, or splash some water on your face. Eventually, you’ll begin to think clearly and the paranoia will ease. A good way to avoid paranoia is to take lower doses or make sure that each dose isn’t on an empty stomach (if it’s in edible form!).

The last side effect that’s commonly reported is dry eyes. Dry eyes are typically caused by smoke entering your eyes, so if you can’t blink enough to rehydrate your eyes, try to wash them out with water instead. Typically lukewarm water is best because if you use cold water you probably won’t be able to wash them for very long. If dry eyes persist for longer than a couple of hours, we recommend you visit your family doctor or your local walk-in clinic. You can also try off the shelf eye drops should you not want to visit a medical professional.

Before smoking this strain, it’s important to know whether or not you can actually legally do so. Marijuana has been legalized in a whole bunch of areas across North America, but not all. The use of marijuana is still a crime at the Federal level of the United States and is illegal in about half of the states at a state level. This article is not medical advice, nor is it legal advice. This article is not a valid excuse when it comes to the violation of any laws, regardless of location. For more information on the legalities surrounding marijuana in your region, please speak to a lawyer or legal professional.

For more information on Birds of Paradise, we recommend you refer to your local dispensary or a trusted family doctor. Strains like this one are great at what they do. Considering this particular strain has so many benefits, we definitely recommend you try it. What are you waiting for? Go smoke some weed!

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