Black Cheese

Black cheese is the big cheese. This strain combines Big Buddha Cheese and Black SFV. The result is a strain that reeks of cheese and flowers. It’s worth a try if you’re stressed or in pain.

Black Cheese may not sound like much, but it’s perhaps one of the best ways to treat and counter pain. Chronic pain is a common issue for millions of people around the world, so it should come as no surprise that many users of Black Cheese use it to reduce said pain. Whether it be from injury, disorder, or any other cause, Black Cheese is an excellent choice for those looking to eliminate or reduce pain. Users who suffer from toothaches, headaches, and backaches, have all reported that Black Cheese Strain is an excellent choice when attempting pain reduction. Similarly, people who suffer from muscle spasms and seizures have found relief in Black Cheese. The cannabis strain relaxes the muscles and nerves and provides a subtle but effective body high that is sure to conquer even the worst of pains.

Physical pain is not the only discomfort millions face. Mental illness and strife are serious conditions that affect just as many people. Users of Black Cheese that use the strain to fight stress and anxiety report that their discomfort is lessened to the point of it being nearly gone overall. This is often due to the calming sensation often affiliated with the cannabis strain. Not to mention the cerebral high and euphoria are often very good counters to everyday stressors. Similarly, Black Cheese is also very good at easing depression and fatigue. By uplifting the spirit and mind into a positive and euphoric state, depression stands no chance. It is important to note that this particular strain may leave you couch-locked. Thankfully munchies are not a common side effect of Black Cheese, meaning you won’t have to worry about raiding the fridge and pantry. On the opposing side, those who struggle with Insomnia shall worry no more, for Black Cheese is sure to bring upon a relaxing good night’s sleep. Many use the strain in the evening before bed.

This particular strain is approximately 15% sativa and 85% indica. If you’re looking to grow your own, keep the following information in mind. This is not a difficult plant to grow, however, it does take patience and dedication. The yield of this plant when outdoors is approximately 800 grams per plant, whereas when indoors, the yield is approximately 450 grams per plant. This strain has a photoperiod flowering type and has a flowering time of approximately 8 and a half weeks. Outdoor harvesting time is from mid to late October.

Black Cheese is known to be very strong in aroma and flavour. This particular strain is known to have the classic cannabis flavours, making it a fan favourite among cannabis veterans. Alongside the classic old-school vibes, the strain is known for its cheese and pepper undertones. Keep in mind that the high Black Cheese provides is long-lasting, and stays potent and powerful throughout all stages. The only side effects besides couch-lock that you may need to be wary of are dry mouth and dry eyes. If you experience these side effects drink plenty of fluids, and the symptoms will subside fairly quickly.

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