Blood Orange Kush

Orange you glad this strain exists? Blood Orange Kush has a bit of unknown history and doesn’t have too much in yields, but the stain is quite powerful and covered in trichomes. As the name implies, expect a citrusy taste with a gas flavor. It’s a great strain to improve anyone’s move.
Everyone needs a useful orange kush review, so let’s get started. Blood Orange Kush is an indica-dominant strain of weed that has a mysterious and mostly unknown past. No one really knows who the original grower of this strain was, so it’s hard to give anyone credit where credit is due. What we do know though, is that Blood Orange Kush was created from combining Aota and Pinecracker. Pinecracker is another unknown strain in the OG category. Something to keep in mind is that the Blood Orange Kush strain and the regular Blood Orange strain. Though they are named quite the same, they produce completely different effects and have no common genetic lineage.
The Blood Orange Kush strain is best used during the afternoon because the potency of this strain doesn’t hit you too severely. With that being said, the THC content in this strain can be all over the map. Some batches that have been tested were around 15%, while other batches were topping up to 24%. If you just so happen to be one of the fortunate few to acquire some of this weed, dose accordingly until you know how strong your batch is. The flavor of this weed is pretty refreshing as well, so waiting until evening just to smoke it could be a task that requires much patience. The inhale tastes like fresh oranges, and then when you exhale, you’ll taste hints of gas. The fragrance that it emits is a citrusy type of diesel smell with a background of earthy and skunky tones. There aren’t too many things that are fully known about this strain, but one thing that’s for sure is that it causes a buzz that will slowly engulf your mind in a nice buzz and eventually makes its way to your body. Some users have stated that they like smoking this weed and then just sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the blissful mental high. Let’s dive deeper into the Orange Kush effects.

Medicinal Uses Of Blood Orange Kush

Blood Kush has some pretty useful medicinal benefits for users. The initial uplifting mental buzz that is created makes it ideal for people who are dealing with depression. The mood will be elevated soon after taking a few tokes, and after relaxing in the mental high, your body will soon experience physical relaxation as well. Any pain or tension that you feel in your body will be relieved. The happy thoughts soaring through your mind will make you forget about any of the uncomfortable bodily symptoms that you’re currently experiencing. There are people that have mentioned they’ve had a surge in creativity after smoking this, but that it is difficult to focus that creative energy on anything because your mind will be all over the place.

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