Blue Iguana

Leapin’ lizards, I wanna iguana…Blue Iguana, that is. This hybrid strain by Mosca Seeds is a cross between Old Time Moonshine and award-winning Double Dutch. Large healthy colas benefit from a longer vegetative cycle with buds that reflect the name of the strain. The lizard-like nugs give off a stinky stench of skunk and tar that can be a bit bold, olfactory speaking but enjoys a smooth and interesting taste.

Blue Iguana potent reptilian skunk

Blue Iguana is a sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain that takes after its legendary classic sativa parents. It has a balanced blend of its both strains, it gives an energetic head rush. It is perfectly mellowed out and mentally expansive. It has a dense appearance and yields soft, airy buds. It produces a smooth and sweet aroma with blueberry undertones. Blue Iguana is a high-energy strain with moderate to long-lasting effects, it’s a popular choice for a good daytime smoke. Its bud structure provides this plant with its name. It has impressive trichome coated buds said which look like a well-fed iguana. In terms of aroma, it produces a potent skunky, earthy smell with hints of dried fruit.

Blue Iguana has undertones of wet soil, it smells like its been freshly uprooted. When the bud is ground and combusted it releases a pungent tar-like scent. It is definitely not ideal for when you are trying to have a subtle smoke that will not overwhelm your nose. It has rich flavours that make it a pleasant smoke. Once inhaled it leaves an interesting mostly floral taste with earthy undertones of herbs. On the exhale, you’ll taste a citric sweetness.

The Blue Iguana strain is known for providing a stimulating cerebral high that leads to a wave of relaxation throughout your body. It brings on a stoney high that creeps up on you but can knock you on your if you do not pace yourself. Blue iguana is perfect for both daytime and evening use. It will relax your body but it is not too severe to sedate you. Almost immediately after taking your first puff, you’ll experience an uplifting buzz starting from the back of the temples and moving towards your mind. Blue Iguana is a great recreational weed strain the stimulating head high and upbeat disposition is suitable for social settings. Occasional users appreciate the mental clarity and the added heightened sense of focus. It has properties that help to organize your thoughts. Some smokers experience a renewed sense of motivation keeping you productive throughout the day. If you’re looking to wake and bake, this is the perfect bud for you. You may have to prepare for this high by stocking up on some snacks ahead of time.

Blue Iguana will keep you from breaking concentration and help replenish the energy used up by the mental stimulation. You will most likely experience a cottonmouth and dry eyes while smoking Blue Iguana weed. These side effects are mild and barely noticeable. However, for newbies, the dry spell can be quite overwhelming and uncomfortable. You may need to rehydrate by drinking a few glasses of water during or after the session.

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