Blue Knight

This is your knight in shining armour. It’s a rare plant that’s indica-dominant. It combines Kryptonite and Blueberry. Its royalty shows with a bit of royal purple colouring to it, a long with blues and greens. It has a vanilla and berry smell to it and it’s great after a long day.
The Blue Knight strain of cannabis is one that is known to produce a high that will last a long time. Veteran cannabis consumers will even wonder if the high will ever wear off. Because of the THC levels that can average anywhere from 14% to a potent 27%, beginner users should exercise some caution when trying out Blue Knight. The overall structure of the buds on this strain is pretty dense. The flowers are a medium to large size and many people will instantly notice the purple and blue colours in it. The colour of the flowers also changes as a result of being affected by cooler temperatures. On the surface of the plant, you’ll notice that they are covered in crystal trichomes which make touching it very sticky.
It’s no surprise that the Blue Knight weed strain emits a sweet blueberry aroma. Smelling it deeper, you’ll also notice backdrop scents of vanilla and cloves. When you grind up the weed, you’ll begin to detect some piney hints that are infused with wood. Blue Knight weed produces a thick smoke, but a smooth one. When you exhale, the smoke has a fruity taste that is a little on the herbal side.
When smoked, the Blue Knight strain is one that gives off a high that will kind of feel delayed by a few minutes. Users will feel a slight buzz that creeps up around the eyes and forehead region. After a few brief moments, it trickles down the neck and then flushes to the limbs and all through the body. Some interesting perceptions might be recognized that you might have not noticed before consumption. Users will start to hear sounds at a deeper level and begin thinking about very in-depth ideas. Blue Knight doesn’t really create a racy mind, but it does provide some cerebral effects. Users will feel more social than before and experience an increased sense of joy. As time progresses, users will start to experience a heavy and sedative feeling overtake them that will have them wanting to head for the couch. It is recommended to consume Blue Knight cannabis during the evening because of this sedation. For those that are into cultivating, they should pick up some Blue Knight strain seeds and give it a try.

Medicinal Uses Of Blue Knight

Blue Knight can be effectively used to help with any aches that are experienced in the body. It doesn’t matter if the pain is caused by an injury or from a condition like fibromyalgia, Blue Knight will help all the same. Because of the anti-inflammatory characteristics, Blue Knight will be able to take care of things like nausea and headaches. The sedating euphoria experienced after consumption makes it ideal to use for dealing with anxiety and stress. People dealing with insomnia will really benefit from Blue Knight’s ability to put them into a deep slumber.

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