Blueberry Jack

Step out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan. Once you try Blueberry Jack, you’ll be motivated and happy all day long! Expect a blueberry candy inhale mixed with a piney, earthy exhale in this DJ Short Blueberry x Jack Herer cross. Slight sativa effects mixed with a chilled body buzz make this strain a perennial favorite.
Blueberry Jack is an ideally balanced strain that will give users a mixed type of high. The THC content ranges from 12% to 20%. The flowers on the Blueberry Jack strain are small to medium in size, and the buds are more of an indica type of structure. They are dense and tightly packed together and contain small leaves that kind of curl inwards toward the stalks of the plant. The color of the leaves is spring green, and woven throughout them are many tiny brown and orange-colored pistils. Covering the buds is a shimmering blanket of dusty trichomes that makes it hard to bust up by hand. Blueberry Jack is a very smooth strain to consume and extremely delicious.
Blueberry Jack can be grown inside or outside, but outdoor growing requires a semi-humid climate for best results. When it is grown indoors, it will take around nine weeks until harvest. Both indica and sativa lovers will value what this strain has to offer.

Effects and Therapeutic Benefits Overview

When the Blueberry Jack cannabis strain is smoked, the high that it creates is one that will start very fast. You’ll initially feel a change in your brain, and soon after that, you might feel a heightened blood pressure around the eyes and temple region of your head. Cerebral activity will soon start to kick in, and users will begin to focus on thoughts and ideas that otherwise wouldn’t take up any of their attention. This early phase of the high is an excellent time to work on tasks that are highly analytical and that require a great deal of concentration. Users will also notice that their thoughts jump from one place to the next in a free-flowing pattern. Because of this, it sometimes makes it hard to concentrate on getting a single task done. But, the free-flowing thought patterns that Blueberry Jack creates make it an ideal strain to consume when you are socializing and hanging out with your friends. A while after these cerebral effects occur, users will find that the high will start to make its way through the body by creating feelings of relaxation. Blueberry Jack isn’t a strain that will completely knock users out instantly, but once you hit the couch, popping on a movie is recommended.
Cannabis patients will enjoy the many benefits of Blueberry Jack cannabis. It can assist in dealing with depression and stress levels. It can also be a mild analgesic for the physical pain that is caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. The bud can also boost the appetite, so for those dealing with eating issues, Blueberry Jack can help with that. One word of caution to note with Blueberry Jack is that because of its cerebral high, users that are prone to panic or paranoia might want to stay away from this one.

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