Blueberry Space Cake

Doesn’t that sound delicious? Blueberry Space Cake is the darling of Cresco Labs, and it’s an indica-dominant strain that’s here to rock your world. It mixes together Outer Space as well as Alien Dutchess to give you a berry-scented, citrusy strain.

The flavour and scent of Blueberry Space Cake is said to be so good that it can nearly be treated as a dessert to use after you finish dinner. THC content in this weed has been hard to figure out, even though the breeder is relatively popular. It is considered to be a fairly strong strain of weed, so beginners should exercise a little caution. Start off with a very small dose and work your way up if you feel you can take it. The nuggets have a blueish kind of tint to them and contain a few brown hairs around the edges. It’s no surprise where it received its name after seeing the blue colour, smelling the aroma, and tasting the tropical hints of blueberries when using it. Despite its popularity, it could be tricky getting your hands on this strain at dispensaries. Many people stock up when they are able to find it, so keep that in mind if you do get the opportunity. You might even find yourself wanting to smoke this weed just for the smell and taste alone.

Effects Of Blueberry Space Cake

As you smoke this weed, you will get an unexpected surge of initial energy. It’s surprising that this strain is actually indica because usually you just want to kick back and relax. You will experience a type of body high that will feel a little tingly. It will boost your mood, so it’s a great strain to smoke if your mind has been down in the dumps. It’s great to use recreationally with friends because of the case of giggles it will create. Creativity will be expanded shortly after the first hit. The initial effects tend to wear off and land you in a state of relaxation, while still feeling the mood-boosting, happy effects. This is a great strain to use if you feel like you need an escape after a rough and tough day. Blueberry Space Cake consistently receives high reviews from many different users.

Other Medical Benefits Of Blueberry Space Cake

Blueberry Space Cake can offer some decent relief from people who experience chronic pain or aches in their bodies. If you experience arthritis, Blueberry Space Cake might just be able to take care of that. It can take the edge off of your headache, or simply ease up any cramps that you have. In addition, the boost in mood is a welcome effect while your pain will start diminishing once under its high. Because of its mood-improving capabilities, depressive thoughts and feelings will soon seem to disappear. Stress levels will lower after a long day of work, which will allow you to just sit back without experiencing a worry in the world. As the relaxing effects continue, you might have a tricky time staying awake, so smoking this in the evening is a suggestible time to light up. Insomnia will be forgotten about as your mind eases off to dreamland. If you suffer from nausea, this strain can assist with diminishing those feelings as well.

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