Bright Moments

Bright Moments is a smart, shining example of Grape Stomper genetics in action. Gage Green Group crosses Grape Stomper and Grape Stomper OG for a high-yielding, potent frosty bud. With a great grape aroma, Bright Moments goes straight to the head, clearing the mind and vanquishing anguish for a brighter, happier high.

The Bright Moments strain of cannabis is a hybrid strain of indica and sativa. It will enlighten your taste buds with flavour and have you wanting to come back for more. The THC content in this strain ranges from anywhere from 18% to 26%. The size of flowers falls around the medium category and kind of resemble spades. The colour on the leaves looks like a shade of sage green and they shine a little paler when you hold a light over them. You will see a few small brown hairs if you look closely at the buds. For those who love a grape aroma, you will find yourself always wanting to smell this strain of weed. when smoked, it isn’t too harsh on the lungs, and when exhaling, you will experience the sweet taste of grape.

What High To Expect From Bright Moments

Shortly after Bright Moments is consumed, you might feel a tiny bit of a headrush. It can start in your forehead and work its way to your temples. When the user has become accustomed to these first initial sensations, they will briefly begin to find themselves thinking about things that never seemed to be interesting before. One might start thinking and focusing on certain words or random things at an accelerated rate. If you are working on a task that requires deep thought, Bright Moments is a suitable choice for that scenario.

Other boring tasks like doing dishes or stacking firewood in the fireplace can suddenly seem to be entertaining. A while after that, the user will start to experience some of the more physical effects of it. Relaxation will start to infiltrate the body, but not to the point where you will want to run to the couch. If you consume a little more, then you will get to that point fairly quickly. It’s best to consume this strain of weed a little later in the afternoon or even the early evening hours.

Medical Uses of Bright Moments

While it is a great recreational strain of weed, it also has some therapeutic benefits for medical users. For people with attention deficit disorder, using this weed can help you focus on a single task at a time. The mood-boosting effects can be used by people that struggle with depressive symptoms or excess stress. It makes these things more tolerable to deal with. Chronic pain in the body may be relieved at a moderate amount. For those that have issues with a low appetite, this strain causes a decent flare of the munchies. As with other strains that sometimes cause paranoia or anxiety, this strain is included in that group. It is recommended to be used with caution or just avoided if you fall into that group.

Overall, Bright Moments is a positively rated, high-quality strain of weed that will satisfy those that want to kick back and relax after a tough day, but not to the point that you will feel knocked out. Use with friends and enjoy some Bright Moments.

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