Burnt Cookies

No need to revive or toss these Burnt Cookies! Oregon’s Rebel Spirit Cannabis crosses Girl Scout Cookies with Fire OG for a tasty, trichome-coated vibrant bud. Like its GSC heritage, this plant prefers the indoors and generates densely packed nugs. Burnt Cookies is a flavorful strain with aromas of ginger, citrus and mint. It is relaxing and uplifting and excellent at any time of day.

Burnt cookies, a strain
for both indica and sativa lovers

Burnt Cookies Strain is a hybrid cannabis strain with a good balance between indica and sativa properties. Created by Oregon’s Rebel Spirit Cannabis, this plant offers a citrus-tinged aroma and large flowers. This strain’s high has a solid blend of mental and physical effects. In terms of potency, this bus has THC content measuring between 18% and 24%. Burnt Cookies shows off impressive large flowers that adhere in a tapered shape. The strain’s buds have an internal composition that leans more towards the characteristics of indica. Like most indicas, it has small leaves that curl inside to form a dense, tight core.

The leaves are a tapestry of bright yellow and green with some orange pistils. It is crowned by a layer of snow-white trichomes, making the flowers sticky to the touch. When cured, this stain smells just a little bit like burnt cookies. The flowers have a strong lemon aroma, with a tone of herbal scents. When the flowers are ground or broken apart, they smell more like the toasted, biscuity odour that the strain is named for. Blazing Burnt Cookies in a joint or a pipe gives a smooth and light smoke. On the exhale, you will pick up an earthy taste with overtones of citrus.

A Burnt Cookies high wastes no time, it kicks in quickly. You will feel pressure around the temples instantly sometimes even before you have had a chance to exhale. This feeling sensation gradually morphs into a mood uplifting feeling and some fast-paced thinking. You may feel like your thoughts are jumping from one to another in radical free association, making connections between otherwise unrelated things. In this was Burnt Cookies is ideal for increasing productivity. It is useful when tackling detailed, analytical tasks or brainstorming on a creative project. It is also a good choice for socializing as it brings on the freewheeling conversation. After about an hour Burnt Cookies high progress into stronger physical effects. You will experience waves of relaxation radiating throughout your core and limbs. The weed works its way through your body, relieving any muscular tension and allowing for deep breathing.

At this point in the high, it is best that you stick to passive activities that do not require a lot of exertion, like listening to your favourite album or watching a movie. Smoking a high dosage may put you in a couch-lock, it is advised that you smoke this bud in the afternoon or evening. Medical cannabis patients appreciate Burnt Cookies for their many benefits. Those with attention deficit disorders can benefit from its ability to help you focus on a task. Its mood uplifting properties can relieve mild to moderate stress and depression. The strain is helpful in managing chronic aches and pains associated with conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Because it can stimulate obsessive thinking, this cannabis strain should be consumed in humble doses by patients who are prone to paranoia and panic. Burnt Cookies seeds do not seem to be available for purchase online.

If you are a home grower, you are better off trying to get clippings from mature, healthy plants the creating genetically identical clones. The plants are suitable for cultivation indoors or out, although outdoor. They prefer a semi-humid climate with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant flowers in about 8 to 9 weeks.

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