Cadillac Cookies

This Cadillac whacks! Not much is known about who created it, but this indica-dominant plant combines Platinum Cookies and Cadillac Purple. It has a fruity flavor and a relaxing experience.

The Cadillac cookies strain is one of the only marijuana strains out there that tastes a lot like grapefruit and blueberries. Despite the somewhat misleading name, this strain is a favorite among people who enjoy fruity flavors and grapefruit sensations. Similarly to the taste smoking, this strain will also bring out grapefruit aromas with delicate undertones of blueberry and citrus. Surprisingly enough a lot of people smoke the strain solely for the taste instead of the wonderful effects. However, that does not mean the effects are anything but spectacular.

If you suffer from fatigue and insomnia this will undoubtedly help you with your sleep. Not only will it actually make you tired but it will make all of your stressors completely insignificant. The majority of people who smoke the strain and report back to us typically say that they had the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had and that they simply cannot wait to smoke it again. Another prominent effect of Cadillac cookies is intense arousal. If you’re looking to spice up your love life you and your partner should definitely try the Cadillac cookies marijuana strain.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression you might just be in luck. The Cadillac cookie strain is an excellent way to combat all of your stressors and relieve you of all of your depression all at once. By balancing various chemical imbalances in your brain you will find that your soul is soothed and your body is warm. A nice change from the cold jitters that many feel when they get anxious.

If you suffer from any form of arthritis Cadillac cookies will undoubtedly help you. By reducing inflammation and making your joints feel warm the pain will subsequently disappear. Not only will the pain disappear but you will actually become more mobile as the inflammation that was once impeding your movement has now disappeared.

Another super interesting effect of Cadillac cookies is that it really helps those suffering from anorexia and other eating disorders. By providing you with the munchies you will eat plenty of food and therefore put on plenty of weight. Another benefit that goes hand-in-hand is that you’ll be unable to purge meaning you won’t be throwing up your food after eating it. This is commonly associated with marijuana’s ability to reduce nausea and vomiting.

Typically the Cadillac cookies strain helps with all types of chronic pain. For more information on how Cadillac cookies may help you alleviate your chronic pain please speak to your family doctor or general practitioner. For more information on the strain as a whole feel free to visit your local weed dispensary and speak to a licensed practitioner.

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