Cali Dragon

Ethos Genetics legendary Purple Kush line crosses LA OG and Recon OG4 to create fire-breathing Cali Dragon. Trichome-frosted calyxes are compact and bright with a subtly sweet musky flavor. Inspired by kush cultivars, Cali Dragon is highly potent and exhilarating with aromas of sandalwood and earthy pine.

Have you been looking for a marijuana strain that will really turn you and your partner on? Well, you’re in luck! The Cali Dragon marijuana strain is amazing for amping up your late-night love sessions. The vast majority of people who use the Cali Dragon strain (and who report back to us after use) mention that their libido went up for sure, along with the actual quality of sex. Most find that they enjoyed the entire event so much more. Almost as though the weed made things more interesting and fun. Turns out there’s actually some logic behind that. Cali Dragon strain is known for its ability to amp up your creativity. This means you’ll be motivated to do new and fun things in bed. Not to mention this strain is great for reducing stress, which in turn pushes you to try new things. Are there positions that you’ve always wanted to try? Maybe you want to spice things up with toys? Regardless, if you’re struggling to tell your partner what you want because you’re nervous, this is the weed to use. It will solve your problem first try, guaranteed.

So one thing we get asked a lot is how Cali Dragon actually tastes. It would be super hard for a marijuana strain to amp up your sex life if it tasted horrible! Fortunately, it does in fact taste wonderful! Most describe it as a mix between oranges, lemons, and planet Earth! Imagine a mouthful of fruity smoke with an Earth-like aftertaste and tell me you wouldn’t want to breathe it all in! The smell is just as good as the taste, if not better. You’re definitely going to notice that the smell draws in other people when you’re the only one smoking. So definitely make sure you got lots on you.

As we sort of mentioned earlier, the Cali Dragon strain is great at taking the stress and throwing it away. It doesn’t matter what type of stress you’re dealing with. You could be stressed out from work, a breakup, a divorce, a video game, or whatever else happens to stress you out. Hell, you could actually suffer from an anxiety order. Why are we listing these things out? Well, because it doesn’t matter. It does not matter in the slightest what stresses you out because Cali Dragon is going to make you calmer than you have ever been. Your soul will be soothed beyond recognition. You’re going to discover an entirely new, stress-free you.

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