CBD Mango Haze

CBD Crew knows what’s what. Their potent CBD strain – CBD Mango Haze, was released in 2013 and they’ve never looked back. CBD-to-THC ratio can range from equally balanced to double the CBD pleasure! Patients love this uplifting tropical-fruit flavoured CBD with its sativa-dominant effects. Expect flavours of mango (obviously!) as well as notes of spice and citrus. All best of Mango Haze with added CBD – what more could be better?!

This potentially sticky, sativa-dominant strain’s buds are a dark forest-green with orange pistils. While not particularly exotic-looking, this strain’s flavours and aromas are what contribute to its uniqueness. Tropical notes will transport you to a different world filled with citrus, pineapple and mango bouquets. These fun flavours are the perfect way to start or continue your day, on the right tropical note. Think of it as your new daily smoothie blend! With a CBD-to-THC content ranging from 1:2 to 2:1, It provides a balanced and functional high great for daylight use.
It will be your new best friend if you’re looking for a bright new addition to your routine. Perfect for boosting your creative and productive potential, you can expect a jolt of energy without heavy distraction. Rich in its uplifting potential, this tropical treat will leave you looking forward to the day and your elevated self.

This potent CBD strain is praised for its medical applications. With the ability to improve your physical and mental state, It is suited for just about anyone! Pain? Consider it covered. This strain’s high CBD content is especially perfect for treating inflammation and body pains. CBD targets pain symptoms and can help those suffering from inflammatory medical conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and general body pain or injuries. It can provide relief of these painful symptoms without the sedative effects of some traditional medicines. How could you not love it?!

This tropical treat is just as effective at treating mental ailments as it is physical ones. its mood-boosting properties have helped carve it out a popular spot in the medical marijuana market. Patients with depression will find this strain provides a welcome euphoric boost and a break from less-positive trains of thought. Folks experiencing high levels of stress will also adore this strain.
Smoke and enjoy the fruity aromas of Mango Haze, sit back, then relax. This strain can prove the ideal addition to your lack-lustre work-life balance. Try it out the next time you’re feeling a little too low or worn down. As an added benefit, expect an increase in appetite that may be welcomed if your mood has impacted your diet. Prepare to snack!

It is the fruity cocktail you didn’t know you were missing. This sativa strain will quickly become a star in your morning or daily routine. Whether you need relief from pain or an overall boost in mood, creativity, or energy, this strain will be your go-to remedy at the ready.

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