Don’t forget that Chemnesia is one of the most potent strains in Illinois, according to breeder Bedford Grow. Chemnesia is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Amnesia Sour Diesel and I-95 with effects that are unforgettable. Stimulating mental and uplifting physical effects promote focus and creativity while fighting symptoms of inflammation, depression, and fatigue. Chemnesia’s cannabinoid and terpene profile are citrus-scented with notes of fuel.

Chemnesia is a super-strong strain that works well when fighting off a large variety of mental ailments. The first being depression! Depression is by far one of the most common mental ailments worldwide, regardless of whether or not people suffer from the disorder. Depression in this context can mean anything from clinical depression to simply feeling blue one day. When it comes to the disorder, depression is typically caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. The chemical balances we’re speaking of are called serotonin and dopamine. For those that don’t know what those chemicals actually are, they are basically the happy or feel-good chemicals that are naturally produced in the brain. When these chemicals aren’t produced enough, imbalances become present, and depression and other similar mental ailments follow! Typically these imbalances are caused by environmental factors and genetic factors. Chemnesia works to balance these imbalances, and will actually make you feel a lot better! Kind of like antidepressants just without all the side effects and commitment!

The second mental ailment the chemnesia works to counter is stress and anxiety! Anxiety can be caused by a wide array of factors, and regardless of what those factors are, chemnesia will slam them till they don’t bother you. Anxiety inducing events on the news won’t ruin your mood. Triggers won’t be set off, and your mind will be full of nothing but peace and happiness. Speaking of making triggers invalid, chemnesia works really well when it comes to helping people who suffer from OCD. As some of you out there may already know, OCD involves obsessions and compulsions. In simple terms that getting set off by something and needing to do something in return. For example, seeing a light switch and having to flip it a dozen times before you’re satisfied. The switch would be the obsession, and the act of flipping it over and over would be the compulsion. Chemnesia works to make that obsession foggy. So foggy you won’t even notice it, hence the OCD relief! No response to triggers means no response to said triggers! It’s pretty simple but super powerful!

Do keep in mind that the chemnesia cannabis strain tastes a lot like ammonia and flowers, which is right up to some people’s alley, whereas others may dislike it. We only mention this because it’s not your typical smell. Most people don’t hate or love the smell of Earth, but with ammonia, that seems to generally be the case.

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