Cherry Cream Pie

Bye-bye banana. Cherry Pie and Cookies and Cream cross to bake the sensational Cherry Cream Pie. Deliciously decadent, this indica-dominant hybrid has notes of IG with flavors of sweet earth and tart pine. This strain terpene profile is the cherry on top! Effects include mental and physical calm, mellow vibes and muscle relaxation. Best enjoyed as an after dinner dessert as Cherry Cream Pie may bring on the munchies as well as couch locking users.
The Cherry Cream Pie strain is an Indica leaning hybrid strain with a truly memorable flavor profile. The Cream Cherry Pie strain is brought to us by the good people at Exotic Genetix. This hybrid brings on an incredibly relaxing and long-lasting high. Cherry Cream Pie weed THC levels range from 10% to 18%.

Cherry Cream Pie strain info

The Cream Cherry Pie strain has big, eye-catching flowers. The strain’s buds typically have chunky and irregular shapes. Cherry Cream Pie weed also has an internal structure that brings India and Sativa aspects together with elongated leaves that weave outward at the fringes. The leaves have a patchwork of pastel green, purple and yellow hues. It has curly orange trichomes that provide more of a color contrast. This is complemented by a high volume of white trichomes.
Once the buds have been properly cured, the strain has an aroma that is mostly earthy with notes of skunk and musk. When you take it in more, you may get some cherry and berry scents too. When ground up, the Cherry Cream Pie strain offers a hint of lovely fresh pine. The joint has a smooth smoke that is pretty easy on the lungs. When you exhale, it leaves a creamy and sweet flavor.
Cherry Cream Pie weed has a creeping high that takes several minutes before it becomes apparent. Eventually, you will feel some pressure around your temples, and sometimes you may experience stimulation of your salivary glands. This is followed by an altered state, with a good uptick in cerebral thinking. You may find your thoughts moving far more quickly or taking on a brand new complexity. This is often accompanied by freely associative thinking. All this engaged thinking helps with work productivity in focused conditions. In social settings, this strain may induce more chattiness and friendliness.
Some people trip from this smoke. It may bring on sensory distortions such as subtle visual or auditory hallucinations and/or time dilation. After this stage, the high becomes more physically relaxing, freeing you from any muscular tension. Kicking up the dosage can lead to total couchlock.
Cherry Cream Pie properties are useful for medical cannabis patients. People with attention deficit disorders such as ADD and ADHD can manage to be more focused on this smoke. It has mood-boosting effects that can provide temporary relief from symptoms of chronic stress and depression. It can also help in managing chronic aches and pains. Its anti-inflammatory properties may relieve discomfort, such as cramps and headaches. In a relaxed setting, the Cream Cherry Pie strain can lead to deep sleep. People who are prone to panic and paranoia should take limited doses as the strain can induce paranoid and recursive thinking.
Cream Cherry Pie weed can be grown both indoors or out. Successful outdoor cultivation requires a humid climate. The strain plants are short and bushy with branches and fan leaves—Cherry Cream Pie weed flowers in about 8 to 9 weeks.

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